Exploring Dee Why

Hey Dad,

Well Esther and Daniel met me at the airport last night. It was so good to see them! 

It was also great to get to their flat, chill out on their sofa, glass of wine in hand and have a home cooked meal waiting for you. I didn’t even notice it was vegan, it tasted really good! 

Well I got up this morning and waved them off as they went to work. Their cat has already decided he doesn’t like me so he left too. Works for me! 

After spending the morning doing general house keeping, emails, washing, photo back up etc, I went to explore Dee Why.

Dee Why is a really nice little coastal town. The flat is a ten minute walk from a beautiful beach. The sand bends round in an arc shape, and the water is so blue. People were sunbathing and paddle boarding, surfing and even swimming in the salt water swimming pool at the end of the beach. I walked the whole length of the beach, right round to a golf course. It was a few miles away from the flat, and then of course I realised I needed to walk back! 

By the time I got back it was late and Daniel was home from work. We jumped into the car and went to pick up Esther. Daniel then he drive me round the local surrounding areas and the amazing beaches.

Well back to their flat now to enjoy an evening on films, conversation and chilling out. 

Today has been a relatively lazy day, and it has been great! 

Night dad x


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