Hey Dad,

What a nightmare!

When I came away I knew I would end up with thousands of photos and videos. In true fashion I knew I wanted to have two back ups of everything. After all, it makes sense to back up your back up.  

Well this morning I decided to do just that. I had planned on backing everything up, but the hard drive had other plans. It had corrupted. Meaning with the limited technology I have with me, I can’t use it until I can plug it into my laptop at home. 

My only safe option, buy a new hard drive and back up everything to there. I have never been so glad I had two back ups! 

So I ventured off in search of a new hard drive. After Walking for about 30 minutes I came to a huge shopping mall. I found and bought a hard drive and started the long walk back. 

By the time I got back I had just enough time to start the back up when Daniel came home. We went to get Esther from work and headed out into the city. Esther and Daniel wanted to take me to one of their favourite ‘plant restaurants’

The burger I had was really good, but you would be lying to yourself if you think beef and bacon taste like the vegan alternatives. As a burger on its own merits, no complaints. No complaints from the vegan chocolate brownie either!

Back home and time for an early night, I am exhausted! 

Night dad x


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