A day with Esther

Hey Dad,

Well Esther has the day off work today! We could run around the city, or explore, or basically do anything Sydney has to offer. So we decided to do what we do best; slob out on the sofa eating (vegan) chocolate and watching films! 

It was great! 

By the time it hit lunch though we felt like we should go and get some fresh air. So we did the thing we do second best, we went shopping! 

We walked to the mall, which was huge! We both needed a few bits, which of course we bought, and then bought more bits we didn’t need. 

One thing I did get though was a mask, flippers and snorkel.  I figured I may need them in Fiji and hawaii, and for the price I would have been mad to leave it. Quite how I am going to pack it I am not so sure mind. 

Well we walked around the shops all afternoon, until it was time for Daniel to finish work. Fortunately he only works around the corner so we walked over to meet him. 

Esther had decided to make fajitas, vegan fajitas. I had to draw the line though at nachos with no cheese. I couldn’t cope with that! I therefore bought a tiny bit of cheese to have with mine. Esther said it was OK! 

Back to another evening of films, conversation and chilling out. I really could get used to this! 

Night dad x


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