Sydney – a very non vegan day!

Hey Dad,

So today was a crazy day! 

Two guys I met in New Zealand were in Sydney, so I had arranged to meet up with them. Scott and Paul were staying in Manly, a short bus ride from Esther’s. Ideal. 

I met them in Manly and we took the ferry over to the city centre. It was an amazing view sailing past the Opera House to the dock. 

We got off the ferry and headed straight to the Opera House. Still one of my favourite buildings, I am not sure I will ever get tired of it. We walked all around the Opera House before heading up to the rocks.

The rocks is an area the other side of the dock from the Opera House. We walked up through a food market, where we came across steak sandwiches! After being vegan for three days, a steak sandwich seemed like a wonderful idea! 

After demolishing lunch we walked towards the harbour bridge and took the walk way under it. We then walked along the path to a new Park area which was under construction. After taking a break sitting on giant rocks looking at the bridge we walked over to the Harbour.

By the time we got to the harbour, in ture contiki fashion, a cider was in order. We stopped for one of the most expensive drinks ever, decided against a second and carried on walking. 

After the harbour we headed towards the sentry of Sydney, and the sky tower. I went up the sky tower two years ago and the guys were not fussed so we didn’t bother going to the top. 

From the sky tower we explored Hyde Park and then headed to the Botanical Gardens. We walked all through the gardens and stopped along the way for photo opportunities. The gardens led us right back to the Opera House.

Next stop, pancakes! We had been on the hunt for ice cream since the harbour, with no luck. Two years ago I was introduced to a pancake house, so I decided to take the guys there. We had a huge stack of pancakes and ice cream each! 

After our fill of pancakes and ice cream we took the ferry back to Manly.

Paul had mentioned a pizza place in Manly he wanted to go to. Pizza seemed like a good idea! 

Well it turns out this pizza restaurant sells pizza by length. You can choose sharing pizzas in a half, one, two or three Meter length. Yep. 

We agreed to split a one Meter pizza, more for the intrigue then anything! Sure enough, one Meter of pizza was delivered to our table on a huge platter. It was amazing! 

Wheat was even more amazing, we finished it! Now I can’t say it was an equal share, there is no way I could eat 33cm of pizza, but as a team effort we got through it.  

Time for a celebratory cider!

As it got late, and the amount of busses was getting less we called it a night. 

It was great catching up with Scott and Paul! Good company again males all the difference! 

Well I have walked miles today, my feet are killing and I am in a food coma. 

It’s been a good day! 

Night dad x


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