More Dee Why and time with Esther

Hey Dad,

So we woke up to a sick Esther. She sounded awful. After mocking her for most of the morning, we decided to go for a walk. 

We ventured to the beach. I wish the beach at home was like Dee Why beach. Sea is blue, sand is golden, weather is great!

After Walking down to the beach, we sat around the salt water pool at the end of the beach and tipped our toes in. We sat there for hours catching up and watching the world go by. We have to fit 18 months of conversations into 10 days, and let’s face it, a lot had happened in the past 18 months. 
Once our feet dried we walked back to the sea front, and back towards the house. We did make a pit stop for Anzac biscuits along the way, they are like my new favourite Australian thing! 

Daniel was out with friends, and Esther was struggling. End result, takeaway! Esther wanted Thai, so we ordered Thai. Well the food took forever to get to us, like well over an hour. I even had to phone to chase it. 

All was well, until Esther found chicken in her Tofu soup. I can not believe how calm she stayed, and did not freak out. I phoned them back up to complain, and they bought us a fresh one. Only issue was that took over half an hour to get here, by which time it was late, too late to eat really.

Early nights all round I think!

Night dad x


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