Summer Bay and Manly

Hey Dad,

So we got up this morning to Esther having no voice! 

Our first stop today was Palm Beach, or you would know it better as Summer Bay, the ‘Home and Away’ beach. 

We made a stop at this amazing little restaurant on the water front. The restaurant had a jetty off the back and served what looked like really fresh sea food. We only stopped for a drink, the food wasn’t exactly in our price range.

We explored the beach for a little while and then headed down to Manly, which is back down the coast.

We went to a pub called ‘the hold’ which looked like the hill of a pirate ship. They had a burger called ‘the Captain Jack’ I didn’t even read what was in it before I decided I wanted it. I was asked if I would like the vegan version….. ummm. No. No thank you! 

After what was one of the best burgers ever we headed to the beach. Manly is an amazing beach, but it was packed! The weather was amazing and it looks like everyone had come out to make the most of it. Manly is geared up for tourists, with ice creams, cafes and souvenir shops. It felt lile a compleyely different place from when i was there a few days before with Scott and Paul, of course it was the evening. We walked past the restaurant where Scott, Paul and I ate the one Meter pizza, so I of course pointed it out. 

Esther felt awful, so we bought a doughnut each and headed for home. 

Well I think we will be spending the evening relaxing and watching more bad films, it is what we do best! 

Night dad x


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