Curl Curl

Hey Dad,

Well the weather looked great today!

Esther had told me about a beach down the road called Curl Curl. 

I walked from Dee Why beach along a coastal path. This path was somewhere between a woodland trail and a hike. It was really steep in places, with massive steps carved into the rocks. It was amazing but my knees were killing by the end of it. It took me like an hour to walk this path, even though I was exhausted, it lead to some amazing view spots. The houses up the rock face were also amazing to see too. Sure you would have had your name on one of them! 

Curl Curl beach was great. It reminded me a little of sand bay in the summer. Manly beach is just down the road, and packed with tourists, cafes and souvenir shops. Curl Curl was quiet; with one small cafe and what seemed like only locals. A bit like sand bay in the summer, no locals are crazy enough to go to the main beach. After Walking the length of the beach, and sitting on a big rock for a while I decided to go for a swim. 

This Dad I am sure would have been right up your street. The beaches have outdoor salt water pools right on the beach, built out into the sea. They are warm enough to swim in and are a decent enough length to get some proper lengths in. They are also pretty deep, and the kids have their own pool! 

I decided it would be a good idea to try out my mask and snorkel before I hit Fiji, so I looked like a child doing laps of the pool, but whatever I was happy. 

I then went back to my big rock to dry off, which accentuated ended up in me having a nap! 

When I woke up I figured I would head for home as Daniel and Esther would be finishing work. I took the main road this time, much faster but no where near as pretty. 

Back to Esther and Daniels now for a home cooked meal and wine. I stocked us up on biscuits on the walk home too! 

Night dad x


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