Anzac Day

Hey Dad,

So today is Anzac Day in Australia, which means it is a public holiday! 

We all woke up early this morning and headed to Esther’s work. Although the pre school was shut, the children had been asked to perform on Australian news, and so the staff agreed to go and help.

The news was being broadcast live, so chances are dad we all ended up on a background shot of the news. 

After the kids sang we headed to the beach to get some breakfast, and then back to their place to chill out and change. Chilly in the morning, boiling by lunchtime. 

I had already been told by Daniel I would have to play ‘2up’ today. ‘2up’ is a silly game which is banned on every day apart from Anzac Day in Australia. The basic rules are that you have to bet either heads or tails. You hold a note up in the air and indicate whether you want grads or tails by either waving your up up and down or just holding it straight up. You look around the crowd of people and find someone who is betting against you, and for the same amount. Whoever bets heads holds on to the money. A member of the crowd is then chosen (usually you just put your name down on a list for a go) and three coins are placed on a small paddle. They are then thrown into the air. The host, or ref, or head, or whatever you want to call him then shouts if it is a good throw or not. If the coins don’t spin enough, or they roll off the playing mat it is a no throw (odds) and everyone boos! Then simply the majority wins the round.

After Daniel explained all this to me he said there was a pub down the road they would be playing. We went to the pub and met up with a few of Esther and Daniel still friends. As we got into the pub there was a huge crowd around the 2up game. People were betting crazy money! I watched a few rounds and Daniel gave me a $5 note to have a go. 

I won!!

So I was $5 up! The lady I bet against wanted to go again, ok. 

I won again!

I was $10 up! The lady then wanted a chance to win her money back. 

I won again!

I was $15 up on a $5 bet that was not my $5 in the first place! Daniel wanted to play so I gave him his original $5 note back. He lost. Oh well I was  $15 up for doing very little! 

With that it started to rain, it absolutely poured down. We left Daniel at the pub and headed home. We also decided we wanted chips. I treated Esther to chips out of my winnings! We were drenched through by the time we got home! 

We sat on the sofa, ate chips and watched a really bad film. It was a really nice way to spend my last afternoon in Sydney. 

Well time to pack again, I am pretty sick of packing! 

It doesn’t feel like I have been here long enough yet! 

Oh well, I guess I will just have to come back and see Esther again. Next stop Fiji 

Night Dad x


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