Traveling to Fiji

Hey Dad,

So today I got up this morning and repacked. It seemed to take me forever!

I said goodbye to Esther and Daniel as they left for work and headed towards the airport. Ever tried getting a case on a bus during rush hour to a capital city, it was fun that’s for sure! 

I ended up with a spare seat next to me on the flight over too, flying really is far more comfortable when you have room to move.

Fiji airport may he my new favourite.  Got to love a place where you go through customs with a four piece band playing you a welcome song. Guitars, ukulele and a drum, it was pretty good. Glad the queue was not too long for customs mind, they only seemed to know one song. 

When I got out of the airport it was already dark, so I have no real clue what Fiji looks like. I told the taxi driver where my hotel was, he was not best pleased as my hotel was so close. He then told me repeatedly that this was a small fare and he would have to join the back of the queue when he got back to the airport. Couldn’t help but think this was not my problem. 

Well the hotel is pretty basic, but it’s clean and comfortable enough, will be nice to see what the rest looks like in the morning. 

Night dad x


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