Bula Dad!

Or hello! Bula is a traditional greeting here, and everyone seems to say it as you walk past. Everyone.

So this morning I went for a wonder around the hotel. It’s nice, not to your high standards, but fine for me. I have been stung on the WiFi though, it costs a fortune! 

After getting my bearings I decided to go and explore the centre of Nadi. I took a local bus into the centre and went for a wonder round. It was definitely not what I was expecting.  Nadi is one of the biggest towns around, and it was just one road with shops on either side. I realised pretty quickly I seemed to be the only tourist wandering around, that made me feel slightly uneasy.

Walking around the town was like being back in vietnam, people yelling at you to ‘come and see’ and ‘look here’ people then started trying to shake my hand. This was an excuse to hold my hand and drag me to their shops and stalls. I even had one guy tell me that the shops were owned by Indians and tried to take me down some alley to his shop. Nope. 

Walking back through town once I hit the other end of the high street (if you can call it that) I came across the same guy again trying to take my hand and lead me down an alley. Nope. Big fat nope. 

I decided it was time for me to go. I had hit my limit of being hassled. I hung around a shop by the bus stop so I was off the street, partly because me standing on the edge of the road would mean more hassle and partly because I was melting in the heat. 

By the time I got back to the hotel I was boiling, and feeling slightly irritated. So I jumped straight in the pool! 

I spent the rest of the afternoon swimming, relaxing on a sun bed and reading, completely hassle free! 

Well Nadi did not impress me much, but I am heading out on a boat tomorrow to sail around some islands, let’s hope they are as spectacular as they sound

Night dad x


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