Temples and mud pools

Hey Dad,

I had a lovely leisurely morning. After the long day yesterday I was in no hurry. I got up and went to book some more day trips for the end of my week, and then ambled back to my room.

I had booked a trip to the he hot mud pools this afternoon, so I went to the hotel pool for an hour before grabbing some lunch and getting ready for my afternoons adventures. 

I got picked up and we drove round picking up people from other hotels. First stop was a temple. It was the most multi coloured temple I have seen. The temple was only 23 years old. Modern compared to some I have seen on this trip. We were not allowed to have bare knees or shoulders, so we were given wraps to put around us. Even the guys had to wear them as shorts were not acceptable. 

From the temple.we were taken to a local market. Or so we were told.  We were just taken to a shop in town. Fortunately it was a shop I did not go in when I went to explore Nadi. From the ‘tourist gift shop’ we were driven out to a food market, selling the most colourful and fresh fruit and veg you have ever seen! 

We past the mountain of the sleeping giant and headed to the sleeping giants garden. Basically a small botanical garden, it was beautiful, but flowers are not really my thing. The tour guide was not spectacular either. Just posted and said a flowers name. 

Then onto the mud pools! The mud pools are a natural hot spring, which comes to the earth surface, heating the water to 75°c. Of course this was only safe to dip your hand in to feel it. The hotel water is then drawn down pipes to a large pool which is at around 38°c. 

We all striped down to swim gear, and a bucket of ‘mud’ was placed in front of us. We then spread this mud over every inch of our bodies. I of course when the whole hog much to everyone’s amusement, face and all! I was covered head to toe in mud. After it dried we then had to enter the mud pools to wash it off. This proved harder then it sounds. Trying to remove mud when you are in muddy water is pretty impossible. After the worst of the mud was off a dunk in the hot pool got the rest out. Although that water was pretty murky. Save to say I destroyed the hotels towel! It was gross. 

Back at the hotel and showered I am still finding mud! 
Well anther day another island tomorrow!

Night dad x


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