Savala Island

Hey Dad;

Well another day another island! 

Today I was picked up and taken back to the marina to board a boat called ‘ohlala’. Made me laugh. 

We sailed for about an hour and a half on what I think may have been the slowest boat in Fiji. ‘Fiji time’ as I keep being told.

Well we got to the island and again, I think the brochure was a bit misleading. To say this was an island was a massive stretch. A spot of land in the middle of the ocean was more like it. It was tiny! 

First thing I did was find a sunbed, leave my bag and go for a walk around the island. Not even two minutes later I was back! Still private island with only 20 people on it can’t be bad. 

I went snorkeling straight off the island, and to be honest it was a little disappointing. A cyclone went through a tear or so ago and killed the reef apparently. It was more damaged then just humans and boats could have done. But there were some pretty fish, and it was shallow enough for it to be very clear 

After a BBQ lunch, we got to go and feed sharks! We all walked over to the back of the island where a tour guide had a plate of what I assume was chopped up fish and he was throwing it in the water. These little sharks came from all over and were swarming! I had my gopro in my hand. With that another tour guide took my gopro out of my hand and threw it in the water at the sharks! Panic stricken I watched my gopro bob about in the water as these sharks swam around it, hoping they were not hungry enough to try and take a bite. Fortunately the gopro survived, and the guide went in and fished it out after the sharks had gone. Got some really good footage on it too! 

After shark diving was a glass bottom boat tour, which was a bit pointless as we had already seen it from snorkeling.

After a little longer relaxing on a sun bed we headed back onto the boat and into port, being played songs the whole way back. 

Back at the hotel and the useless WiFi is terrible! The only place I can get signal is in the bar. Decided to order myself a cocktail to make up for it. Big mistake, most expensive cocktail ever, and not great. The bar has no air-conditioning  and the bugs are everywhere. Going to get bitten alive sitting here!

Time to go

Night dad x


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