Waiting for a plane

Hey Dad,

So this morning I checked out at 10am. The hotel offered to hold my bags which was great. I still held onto my backpack mind. 

Knowing how uncomfortable I felt in Nadi, I was not prepared to walk through town with my back pack on, so I decided a day around the pool with a book would be the best way to spend my final day in Fiji. 

It was a great plan, until the storm clouds rolled in and the down pour began. I ran for cover! Which must have looked hilarious; me trying to grab all of my belongings, not having enough hands and slipping on the wet stones. I eventually made it under the cover of the bar. 

Well I set myself up at the end of the bar, and made myself very comfortable. The rain looked like it was going nowhere. 

An elderly gentleman came and sat at the other end of the bar. He explained how he stayed at this hotel for three months a year and how he loved Fiji. He then started asking me questions about my trip and what I was doing. I explained I was just waiting to go to the airport later that evening. He then invited me to join him for dinner. He said how it gets tedious eating alone (I know that feeling) and he would like some company, his treat. Well it would be rude not to pass up a free meal. 

He came and found me still at the bar a few hours later. I packed up my bag and we walked to the restaurant across the road. Only issue though was the food took a little while to come out and I was running out of time. I had a transfer booked back to the airport and not long to catch it. In the end we finished our main courses, and I had to make my apologies and leave him sitting there. I felt awful, but I couldn’t miss my flight! 

I got to the airport and checked in. I was told there was a weight issue on my plane, and my bag may have to fly separately.  I explained this can’t happen as I am island hopping around Hawaii, and I will not have an address to send the bag to, or a phone that they could contact me on. The check in lady went to talk to her supervisor, which seemed to take forever, like literally 1o+ minutes. Anyway she came back and said my bag would be OK. Not sure at this point whether I should believe her or not, but there is not much I could do about it. 

The check in lady then told me the flight would be making a stop at Christmas Island! This was news to me. Why no one had thought to tell me this I do not know! I can’t believe I got to the check in desk before learning this. Oh well, again not kuchen I could do about it.

So now I am sitting in the most ridiculous airport ever! My bags went through security and I was told all the liquids had to go in a plastic zip bag. I just had then in a sandwich bag type affair. He then told me I had to go and buy a bag from the shop, back out through security. I however was not allowed to take my bags. I ran back to this shop and bough a zip bag. I went though security again where the airport guy put the liquids into the zip bag and stuffed it all back in my back pack. What the hell was the point in all that?! He did recheck or scan anything, he simply just wanted me to spend money on a plastic bag. 

Frustrated by this, I went and bought a bottle of water. I was then told I would have to drink the entire bottle before I boarded the plane, or they would deliver this bottle to me once I had boarded. Again, stupid! 

I bought a bottle to have on the plane and walked off to find and corner. Fortunately I came across and water fountain, so I filled up my drinks bottle. 

Now I should point out about now my leg is killing me! Where I smashed into the coral yesterday, my leg is stinging and is really uncomfortable. I had to plaster it up to stop the fluff from my trackies getting into it, which was then pulling on the skin making the stinging worse. So walking around this airport I was frustrated and grumpy.  

I only had a few dollars left, so I spent them on the biggest bag of M&Ms I could afford! That made me slightly happier. 

As I boarded the plane we had to go through one more line of security. It was like being at a festival! It was stupid. We had to find some available person who laid out the bags on a big bench table and riffle through them. All liquids then had to be thrown away. I was searched, given the ok and carried on walking, only to be stopped my another line of security pointing at my water bottle. I was getting really frustrated by then, and making the point I had already been searched and checked. I threw the contents of my water bottle over the side railing, took three steps forward and collected the bottle of water I had purchased in the shop two hours before! For an island where fresh water is scarce, they sure know how to waste it. Stupid system, which seemed to be designed to make more money out of us. 

I am now sitting on a plane with the middle seat free, which is just as well as the aisle seat had a woman sitting in it who required the arm rest to be up in order for her to fit in the seat! 

But now, the real cherry on the cake. 

This woman decided to chew gum. With her mouth open. Now everyone knows how I hate hearing people eat and ‘yap’ their food. It makes me feel sick! This woman’s chewing was unbelievably loud! My phone was running low on battery and was switched off. No music to drown her out. Airplane radio head phones did not block the discusting sounds from her. End result, two pairs of head phones! I put my inner ear head phones in, plugged into nothing, then the airport head phones on top plugged into the plane radio. I swear it took this much to drown her out! I bet you are laughing saying I must be exaggerating, and I really wish I was! 

This is going to be one long flight….. I really hope they don’t bring her food! 

Night Dad x


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