A morning in Waikiki

Hey Dad,

So Huw’s flight got in fine last night. 

We got up this morning and started planning the next few days. We had an Expedia advisor in the hotel reception so that was our first stop.

We figured talking to the Expedia guy would take an half hour or so. Oh how wrong we were. Two and a half hours later we finally left his office after spending a fortune.  The next 12 days are fully planned out now though which is handy. 

We missed breakfast so decided to just head straight for lunch. I knew just the place! We walked down the beach to the rum bar. Looking at the cocktail menu we learnt really quickly you could have your cocktail served to you in a hollowed out pineapple. Sold! 

Never had a cocktail for breakfast before, oh well it is Hawaii after all. 

After lunch we went and explored Waikiki a little more. We walked along the beach front and wandered into a few boutique shops. 

We then decided to go for a swim. The water really is just something else. The waves were big too. You would go from being waist deep in water to being under it as a wave came over your head. It would push you into the shore and pull you out again. There were also surf board rentals, but no time for that! We had to get back to get ready for the evening entertainment.

We were picked up from our hotel and driven out to a luau. It was awesome. The chief conducted the ceremony, and went through many different tribal traditions from other countries. We were greeted with tribal beads as we entered and shown how to make a head dress out of leaves. Dinner was your kind of hell though. Self service on a paper plate with 200 other people, but the food in fairness was not too bad. The tribe then performed a fire dance, and twirled fire around themselves, it was a really enjoyable night. 

Just got back to the hotel and we are both very tired. Huw is really jetlagged too! 

Another busy day tomorrow! I love this place! 

Night dad x


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