Kauai Island and the South Road

Hey Dad,

So after our 4am start and a 30 minute flight we landed in Kauai. 

First stop was car hire. We hired an economy budget car, but when we got to the car hire place they offered us an upgrade to a convertible jeep for an extra $20. We figured it was worth it for $10 each. One catch though, you had to be over 25 to be a named driver, which meant Huw couldn’t drive. Oh well, looks like I will have to drive a convertible jeep in Hawaii! Huw was not best pleased mind. 

We drove for just over an hour south and west to Waimea Canyon. The Waimea Canyon is known as the grand canyon of the Pacific. They were not kidding. We stopped at a lookout not really knowing what to expect. To say it took your breath away is just an understatement. It was spectacular. We were standing on the rim of this massive canyon looking down all through the Gorge. I can not believe the grand canyon could be any more incredible then this! I guess there is one way to find out. 

While standing there we realised there was a man behind us standing on a bench in tribal gear. He told us about the history of the canyon and some history about Hawaii and his attire. He then started getting political, so we slowly wandered away.

Venturing up hill a little further we stopped to check out a waterfall and a small museum/visitor centre. We learnt that we were standing in the wettest place on earth, where they measure the annual rainfall in feet, not inches. 

Venturing up even further, the temperature started to drop and the cloud set in. Our next look out was completely blocked by cloud. You could not see a thing! Worse then when we can’t see the trees at the back of the garden at home. We could see nothing; including looking down. It was like staring into the abyss! 

We carried on driving hoping being slightly huge range may help. It did not. I was really looking forward to this stop as it is where they filmed some scenes for the first jurassic park film! Again we could see nothing! I therefore decided we were surrounded by dinosaurs, we just could not see them! 

We headed back down the mountain; music on, roof off! We stopped off at other scenic spots along the way to take in the sights. What was crazy was the temperature. At sea level the jeep said it was 33°c, at the top of the mountain it was 21°c! Coming back down the mountain the heat hit us like a ton of bricks. Even the air con in the jeep was not enough. 

From the mountain we drove to a harbour to board a boat. The only way to see the Napali Coast is by boat. Dad this was one of the most breath takingly stunning things I have seen. One catch though, the boat ride was awful. The sea was really choppy, and the boat was rocking every which way. After an hour I was green, my stomach had been doing flips everytime the boat hit a peak or a trough in the wave. To top it off, the boat was all inclusive! I felt so ill I did not dare have a drink! Huw on the other hand felt fine and drank enough for the two of us. The boat ride was four hours long. Safe to say the remaining three hours were very long and very tough! 

Back on dry land, which I have never been so happy to see, a motion sick me and a drunk Huw tried to navigate to the hotel. Fortunately there is only one road so Huw’s map reading skills were not needed. 

We then realised we needed to take the car back to the rental place. Somehow this was just far more difficult then it should have been. What should have taken 20 minutes took an hour and a half! Turns out on such a small island, you can’t just ‘grab’ a taxi. We had to take a shuttle from the car hire to the airport to use a free phone to call a taxi. We then had to wait ages for it to arrive. It was also the most expensive taxi ever! Would have been cheaper to hire the car for another day and not use it. The hotel was only 10 minutes down the road too!

Well time to crash out, hopefully the world will stop moving enough for me to lay flat! 

Night dad x


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