Kauai by Motorbike

Hey Dad,

Well as Huw was not allowed to drive the Jeep, he decided he wanted to hire a motorbike to explore the island. I didn’t argue. 

Before the bike was delivered we grabbed some breakfast at the hotel. We suddenly realised what an amazing place we had booked into. We got in after dark and I felt so awful I went straight to bed. The hotel was beautiful, and breakfast was served to us right on the beach.

We decided to head north along the only road in Kauai, and just stop anywhere that took an interest. 

Our first stop was a waterfall look out called Opaeka’a Falls. Sadly the lookout was a good distance from the falls, and we were not about to hike to it so we moved on. 

We carried on North where we came to a sign which said lighthouse. We followed it! The Kilauea Lighthouse had just been refurbished and was a brilliant white. It was built on the end of a peninsula, and surrounded by a bird sanctuary. It was also the smallest light house I have ever seen. It was only about two storeys high! 

From the lighthouse we headed to the very end of the road to Ke’e beach. Someone was selling coconuts from the back of their truck, but not in the way you would imagine. These were green coconuts, still in the rusk. We bought a coconut wondering what would happen. The guy took out a machete from behind his back and clean cut through the top of the coconut. He put two straws in the top and handed it to us. We soon learnt this type of coconut tasted very different to the ones we are used to. This coconut was also huge! Like the size of a football. I had to hold it with two hands as it was so heavy! 

Walking to the beach, a woman walked past the other way and told us to keep hold of our coconut or it will be attacked by chickens. Chickens! We had seen Chickens on the side of the road the day before and laughed, never did we think there would be a problem. Well sure enough we sat on the beach and suddenly we had Chickens surrounding us. It was like having chips on the seafront with the seagulls! 

Neither of us liked the coconut juice, so Huw smashed the coconut open on a rock to get to the inside. That didn’t taste great either, so we decided to annoy the Chickens! They went mental, especially when we shoved the gopro in their faces. We played nice when the baby checks came over. They all jumped on the coconut half and looked quite happy. 

We could snorkel straight off the beach. I learnt Huw had never snorkeled before, time for a crash course! There was not really anything to see, the coral was brown and dead and there was about five fish. Huw thought it was amazing though. Guess I really have been spoilt! 

We then walked along a hiking trail to a lookout which promised views of the beach and surrounding. It lived up to its promise, the view was spectacular. Worth the 30 minute walk up hill, on a woodland and stone trail. 

We headed back towards the hotel, and stopped in a small town we drove through on the way to the beach. We had seen signs for ‘shaved ice’ everywhere and were really intrigued. We were told to choose four flavours from a list. Then we were told to choose an icecream. Then we were asked if we would like a ‘snow cap’ – umm yes! We then waited about two minutes wondering what was about to turn up. What we got was a multicoloured netball made of ice! It was the best thing ever! Again though, it was huge! Fortunately as it was ice it shrunk very quickly, only to reveal an ice cream core! 

Full of E numbers we went for a walk around the town and looked in shops selling items we could not afford. By this time it was getting dark and we were still an hour and a half away from the hotel. This wouldn’t have been so bad but an hour and a half of sitting on the back of a motorbike it not the most comfortable way to travel. 

Well we have just got back and after a speedy shower are eating dinner back where we had breakfast. Complementary tiki glasses when you order a cocktail, oh go on then! 

Night dad x


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