Maui, and the road to Hana

Hey Dad,

We jumped on a plane this morning and went to Maui. The flight was a whole 45 minutes! We picked up the hire car, which was a red Nissan saloon and headed out towards Hana. 

The road to Hana is a 65 mile long road with 59 bridges and 62o bends. The drive is mainly through tropical rainforest. Along the road there are viewpoints over the islands coast line. The drive was over two and a half hours to get to Hana! Most of the bridges were one lane only too, so we had to keep stopping. 

When we finally stopped driving, we hiked up through rainforest to a bamboo jungle. It was pretty awesome. We hiked for about an hour when a passerby told us to go for another 15 minutes or so to get to a waterfall. It was worth the extra 15 minutes, the waterfall was stunning. I think if we had hiked for a few more hours we could have made it to the bottom of the waterfall, but for today we just admired it from a distance and tipped our toes in the stream running across the path. 

As we started the hike I pointed out we had no insect repellant on. Don’t worry I was told, we will be fine. Of course i knew better but by this time the car was 3o minutes in the other direction. Well I lived to regret that decision. 3 hours walking and 10 bites later we made it back to the car. Huw did not have one single bite. Git! 

It was a good three and a half nearly four hour drive to our hotel, which was the other side of the island! We stopped in a town called Lahaina, which even though it was dark I immediately decided I liked! It felt like a fishing village out of an old Disney film. Beautiful. We ended up in the cheapest place we could find, which turned out to be a pizza joint. The pizza was amazing to be fair, we were really pleased considering it was the cheapest we had eaten in Hawaii! I even got a free Mai Tai! 

Another fifteen minutes saw us checking into our hotel. That was a laugh a minute. We had to pay an additional ‘electricity’ fee on arrival. Never before have I had to pay for electric separately for a hotel room! We were so tired by then we could only laugh! 

Long day today, but a great one! 

Night dad x


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