Lahaina and Captain Jacks

Hey Dad,

So I noticed before we left Kauai my case had broken. The zip had come away in two places from the main case and the stitching had failed. I have asked a lot of this case, and the past few months have seen it chucked on a lot of planes, but I had to admit defeat. The case was dead. 

This of course meant buying a new one. In Hawaii, just about the most expensive place I have been to! We wanted to see Lahaina in day light so we headed into town. The town in the day was even more amazing! We parked at one end and walked up the road, being nosey and wandering into all the shops along the way, especially the ones we could not afford to be in! 

We stumbled across a restaurant situated on a balcony overlooking the coast with music blaring out. It was called Captain Jack’s. I found where we were getting lunch! 

We walked up the stairs to be greeted and shown to a table on the edge of the balcony, with a view of a cruise ship in the distance. After I decided Huw could drive home I ordered myself a captain jack punch cocktail! The food was unvelieveable, and so were the drinks. We sat there for so long we probably out stayed our welcome. Neither of us cared! 

As we carried on walking, I spotted a restaurant called ‘Fleetwoods’ which is owned by the legendary Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac. Of course you already knew that dad! I couldn’t come to Hawaii and not eat in his restaurant so we made reservations for the following night. As we made the reservation, the lovely lady told us Mick Fleetwood would be performing tomorrow night. I got very excited, Huw looked nervous. Safe to say his budget was already at breaking point. We decided to walk away and ‘think about it’. I had already ‘thought’ but whatever. 

We came across an outlet shopping centre, and I bought the cheapest decent size bag I could find. Did I mention Hawaii is not cheap? Mum may have a stroke when she finds out how much I spent. I was kind of out of options though, and wasting time shopping for a better price did not appeal. I don’t like shopping at the best of times, let alone when I am in Hawaii! 

We got back to the hotel and I was still mulling over the Mick Fleetwood tickets. It occurred to me if I wanted to go I may need to treat Huw. Mum had the same thought at about the same time. With that I decided the tickets may sell out and I wanted to make sure we had them, so we drive back to Lahaina! We parked up, walked to the reservation desk, but that had closed. We walked into the restaurant and were directed to a shop. This shop was not really a shop at all; it was so much better! The walls were covered in photos of famous bands and artists, there were cars and signed motorbikes. One was signed my Steve Tyler with ‘ride this way’ on the back. I fund that amusing. There was also a whole stack of signed Fleetwood Mac records, drum skins and tshirts. We bought the tickets; which were standing room only and left before I could spend anymore money! 

So we have just got back and I have had one very expensive day! Time to sleep before I spend anymore! 

Night dad x


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