Molokini and Fleetwoods

Hey Dad,

So yet another early start! We got your and drove 45 minutes to a harbour. From there we boarded a small boat and headed out for a morning of snorkelling. We got really lucky, a group that holds up to 40 people only had 19 on it including us! 

Our first snorkel stop was a few hundred meters off the coast of Maui. It was pretty; but the water was not completely crystal clear. Huw’s eyes looked like they may bulge from his mask though. We paddled around and unbelievably we were right next to a turtle. We almost missed it completely. The turtle was at the surface taking in air. We swam along side it and when the turtle went under we followed it. The practice on Fiji payed off as I was able to dive down a lot deeper and for a lot longer. I then also had to give a quick lesson on how to regulate your ears for Huw – forgot to tell him that. Oops. We played with this sea turtle for a good twenty minutes before he swam off so fast we wouldn’t have been able to keep up. We figured he had seen enough of us by then. 

Back on the boat we headed out to another snorkel spot. We were told that this was a more dangerous snorkel, it would be guided and it was advised only advanced snorkelers enter the water. We both jumped in! The water was crystal clear, but it was choppy. You needed a lot of strength to swim against the tide. The reef was beautiful. It was a little deeper, and had next to no damage on it. Now Huw’s eyes really were bulging. To be fair, this was one of the best places I have ever snorkeled. The coral was out of this world and the fish just beautiful. It was deep enough you needed to dive down to get a really good look. We were seasoned pros by then! We didn’t stay in the water long, and when the boat called us in we had to swim quickly to get back on it.

The third snorkel stop was the back edge of an island called Molokini. Most boats do not go to this side of the island, which is partially why we chose this tour. Again we were told advanced snorkelers only. We were also warned we had to be comfortable jumping into 300 feet of water. That was a new one for both of us! The back of molokini just literally drops away to nothing. You have the rock face above the island, a reef below which jets out for a few meters, and then just a clear drop. We jumped in, and I instantly put my head under to see what 300 feet looked like. It was surreal! Other then fish, there was just nothing underneath me, at all! The blue water just got darker and darker! We followed the guide over to the reef, and we were told to be careful as it is very easy to be swept into the rocks by the current. They were not kidding, the waves were breaking against the rocks and coming back over our heads. I have never swam in water like it. You would have your head under the water, and then everything would go white where a wave had broken over your head. It could be very disorientating at times. Again though, the snorkel was stunning. No damage, and a completely live reef. Most of it was a few meters under so you could see it without diving, but the drop off was unvelieveable. We were diving down and having to shoot back up before we ran out of air, no chance of seeing the bottom of the drop off. Crazy amounts of fish and other sea creatures too! The water was so choppy though it was exhausting. Just trying to keep you head above water and not letting your snorkel fill up was a challenge. The boat could not come near the rock face, obviously, so when it was time to come in we had to swim against the current back to the boat. Even swimming with all your effort it felt like you were getting no where fast, the swim seemed to take much longer then it should have, for everyone. 

Back on the boat I was shattered, and had ingested a lot of water. The boat sailed round to the inside of molokini and dropped anchor for one last snorkel for all the beginners that had not come out on the previous two sites. I was done with snorkeling so stayed on board enjoying the sun and complementary drinks. Hue went and had a look, but no one stayed out long. I could see the ocean floor from the boat, little coral and and few fish. Nothing like what we had just experienced. 

We were served lunch on board and headed leisurely back into port. Once on land I noticed Huw had gone a wonderful shade of pink. We had been wearing the dive boats reef safe sun block, but clearly Huw should have applied more of it! 

We drove back towards the hotel, stopping at a beach along the way. We went for along walk along the beach and admired all the luxury hotels we could not afford. No time to hang around though, we had a big night ahead of us. 

We got back to the hotel, showered, changed into something presentable and I even bothered to put some make up on! Can’t remember the last time I did that!

The drive to fleetwoods took forever, so Huw chucked me outside so I could go and make sure we didn’t miss our reservation. I sat at a table alone for over half an hour! It took Huw forever to find a parking space. I got so tired of waiting I ordered myself a cocktail! 

Dad you would have liked this place! We were sitting on the roof top, which overlooked the coast and the sunset. The waiters were in white shirts and black ties, and beautiful bar where you could see the bar tenders making cocktails. The wine list was up your alley too. Most expensive bottle was about $900! We skipped that bottle, but did share a bottle of their finest (and by that I mean cheapest) prosecco. The food menu was incredible too. I started with and dish called ‘Ahi Poke’ which is tuna to the rest of us, it was wonderful. I then in true ‘me’ style ordered the fillet steak. It was a tiny bit over, but it was pretty damn good! I was stuffed by then, but still managed to share a Hawaiian pineapple pie. 

We were both completely full. We could barely move, but we needed to make our way down stairs for the gig. 

We had standing room only tickets so we unashamedly walked right to the front of where we could stand. A few disgruntled faces came from people sitting on bar stools behind, but whatever, they should have thought ahead. 

Mick Fleetwood was performing with two others, a guy and a girl. All three were spectacular. They covered a few Fleetwood Mac songs and to be fair, the girl singing nailed it. No Stevie, but not a bad effort! I was really impressed. They performed various songs for two hours, it was the smallest most intimate gig I have ever been to. Two hours just flew by. People started to leave, so I grabbed the opportunity to slide into the searing area and perch on a ledge. No one seemed to notice. Two encore songs were played, then Mick Fleetwood came back onto the strange holding a drum under his arm. He played it for about five minutes, moving and stretching the elastic around the drum to change the sound. It was fabulous! 

We let the small crowd leave, and as we walked back down the stairs made a pit stop back into the shop we purchased the tickets in the night before. They had a Fleetwoods tshirt. Mine! 

Dad today has been one of the best days ever! Hawaii, snorkelling, sun, beach, Mick Fleetwood! It may have cost me a fortune but right now i just don’t care! 

Well time to pack again, three islands down, one to go

Night dad x


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