The Big Island

Hey Dad,

This morning we once again hopped islands to the Big Island. This island is bigger than all the others combined. 

We had been advised in Honolulu by the Expedia rep to make sure we hired a 4×4 for this island. I asked about putting Huw on the insurance, to which we were told no problem – if we pay a $75! The idea of driving a jeep made Huw a very happy bunny, and I was relieved I would not have to do all the driving so we paid the additional extra. 

First impressions, this island didn’t feel like an island. There was infrastructure, four lane roads, Buildings and trucks. It felt nothing like all the other tropical paradises we had previously landed in. 

Huw offered to drive first (funny that) but said as soon as we got onto a main road that the steering felt odd. 

We drove north for a few miles, just following random road signs and scenic spots. We saw and sign for a waterfall and a trail so we aimed in that direction. When we got there the main trail was closed due to a fallen tree, so we took the little trail, which was not really a trail at all to view the waterfall. Once again it was beautiful, but a long way from us, we could only view it from a distance. Well the trail and the waterfall took us a while ten minutes! 

We drove further north, and saw very little. We stopped at a scenic spot, which overlooked water. By then we had driven about an hour, and Huw was still not happy with the steering. We decided it would be best to change the car as we had a long way to drive over the next few days. 

Driving back to the airport we followed a sign for a ‘scenic route’. It was really pretty, it felt like driving though the country lanes back home, if those lanes were covered in tropical plants and trees! 

We pulled up at what looked like a trail opening and went for a walk. We had no idea what we would see, and there were no real signs telling us so we just kept walking. We walked down this trail and it opened up into a small bay. We could hear the ocean so we walked to find it. It was really choppy and the waves were huge and crashing against the rocks. No way could you swim in it! This little bay must fill up with the tide as there was a small but wide trickle of water leading to the ocean, and a deep pool at the end. We climbed over the water using driftwood and got to the other side of the bay. Walking around the trees we came to a cliff face. We were not overly high, ten feet or so, but the tide underneath was fierce! Waves were crashing on the rock face m, sending spray everywhere. We followed the cliff edge to the end. On the way we found tunnels and caves going down to the water, so of course we went to play! 

Aware the tide was coming in we headed back, jumping back over the now even wider trickle of water. 

Back to the jeep I decided to drive. Huw was right, the steering was off. Especially when you turned right. I didn’t like it, and it made the ride quite uncomfortable. Back tot he airport we went! 

The car was changed without any fuss, but my then it was getting late in the day. We wandered around looking for a late lunch and came across a shopping complex. I discovered Huw had never been to IHOP. Three guesses what we had for lunch! 

By the time we wandered around the shopping centre and had lunch it was time to check into the hotel.  

It just so happened that when we were booking hotels the week before in Honolulu, the Double Tree was 70% off, which made it one of the cheapest places to stay after you factored in resort fees and other crazy taxes Hawaii put on things. 

We checked into our very nice hotel and decided to head to the hotel pool. It was freezing, so we lasted all of 10 minutes in there! 

Still full from pancakes earlier we decided to have a liquid dinner and just headed to the bar. We both knew there would be no bar tomorrow night so figured we should make the most of it. 

Night Dad x


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