Flying to San Francisco 

Hey Dad,

So not really much to report today. 

I woke up and packed again. My new case is slightly heavier then my old one; putting me close to my weight limit, so I packed carefully.

As I checked out and waiting for the shuttle to take me to the airport I sat in the hotel lobby. In front of me was a rubiks cube. I solved it unaware anyone else was paying attention, I then hear a kid say ‘wow. Dad look’ the kids looked at me like I was magic.

Checking in was all smooth sailing, bag was exactly on the weight limit, phew.

I thought I would watch a film on the plane, but you had to pay for that privilege separately. At $8 a film I didn’t bother! Glad I had my kindle!

Well I got into San Francisco and attempted to get on the shuttle. This is where it all went a bit ‘pear shaped’ to use mums language. They would not let me on. They had no record of my reference number and were trying to tell me I needed a hand printed voucher. Where on earth they thought I would be able to print something off I have no idea. When I went back inside to find out, the link from the travel company for the voucher would not work anyway! So I couldn’t even get hold of the voucher to print.  It resulted in me having to pay for the shuttle again, in cash! I was a little frustrated to say the least! 

So I am now in the hotel in San Francisco. Somehow I have been travelling all day, again! It’s nearly midnight here and I left the hotel in Hawaii at 10am! 

Night dad x


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