Exploring San Francisco

Hey Dad,

So I love San Francisco! 

I decided I would not do the main touristy bits today. Mum and Jon are flying in tomorrow and they will want to do it all with me. 

After spending a while looking over a map of the streets I worked out a route to explore and set off. 

Fist impressions, San Francisco is chilly! The weather is sunny, with clear blue sky’s, but the breeze is cold. Like freezing cold! Glad I bought a jacket, this coming from Hawaii is a bit of a shock to the system!

My fist stop was the house used in filming Mrs. Doubtfire. It was the first thing in the right direction. I found Steiner Street and walked up my first San Francisco hill. That dad nearly killed me!

Anyway I found the house, which was pretty cool, but just a house and continued walking. I walked up to the corner of Presidio park and across to the houses and buildings. Presidio Park used to house servicemen and their families. All over the complex were plaques explaining the history of the site. As I kept walking, I found the Walt Disney Family museum. I had to go and see it! 

The museum was cool. It took you through Walt Disneys life and childhood; his early career and how Mickey came to existence. It then talked you through making the short films and then snow white as a feature length, how colour and music were first added, which was state of the art at that time and all the financial issues they faced. The mustang then went through building the California theme park and went right up to his death. I spent far longer in there then I had planned! 

From the museum I wandered out though the buildings and onto the front. I passed a huge monument which had been in the skyline the whole day, so I went and had a look around it. Massive columns that would have not been out of place in Greece stood towering above me, they were huge! I walked around it, but I got there the same time as a tour bus pulled up. I was immediately invaded so I left. I walked the whole length of the walkway along the waters edge looking at the ships and boats in the dock. I walked though a park and along to the fisherman’s wharf area and the harbour. I didn’t stop long there though, as I knew mum and Jon would want to see it. By this time it was getting late in the day and I was exhausted. I suddenly became very aware I was a long way from the hotel, and it was up hill. I started my day going up, and now I had to finish it going up. I am not sure when I even went down! I stood at the bottom of this hill and just stared at it. One step at a time I made it up! I actually then realised I had stumbled onto Lombard Street. This was something else I was going to avoid for a few days. Oh well. 

Lombard Street was amazing, and the houses just awesome. I did the standard tourist thing of standing in the middle of the road to take pictures and then walked up the side walk while watching cars drive down the road and navigating the bends. 

Dad I love San Francisco. The houses and the architecture are just stunning. You have to walk around just looking up, if you didn’t you would miss so much. There is just too much to see and do! The hills are massive mind. I swear some of them seemed to be over a 30°c incline. Some were worse than the drive way! It was tricky to just walk up, your feet were at an uncomfortable angle. 

I have walked miles today! After spending the last few weeks laying on beaches and ambling around, it was a bit of a shock to the system! 

Well one last night alone, then I will have mum and Jon for company. 

Night dad x


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