Awaiting the invasion 

Hey Dad,

So Mum and Jon are flying in this afternoon. In true mum fashion I have received an update for every part of their trip. At the last count she was three prosecco’s in!

They will not get into San Francisco until later on this afternoon, which meant I had one more morning alone. I therefore decided to go and see the Disney Pixar studio!

Now I knew I would not be able to go in, they do not offer tours and the level of security is shockingly enough pretty high. Still, I had to go and see it. 

I took a bus to get a bus to get a bus over to Emeryville, and the walked a few blocks to try and find it. I was not disappointed! I found the main entrance with Pixar over the driveway. The fences were 10 feet high and surrounded my thick bushes and trees. I found a few gaps in the fence where you could see through. I managed to spot the Luxor lamp and giant ball statue in the court yard, and the finding Nemo seagull on the roof. MINE! 

I walked the whole perimeter. I found a few places I could have slipped in under the fence, but didn’t risk it.

After Walking around and around trying to spot as much as I could, I got a bus back into the centre of San Francisco. 

By the time I got back to the hotel, I knew Mum and Jon would not be too long. I sat and waited in the lobby until they arrived. I think mum was pleased to see me. 

Once they had rested a little we took a walk down to the harbour. We had a quick walk around Fisherman’s Wharf, but they were so tired we agreed to just grab something to eat and go back for some sleep. 

So now I am sitting here in the hotel with both of them fast asleep. I just know they will be up at 4am, which will mean I will be up at 4am. 

Busy day tomorrow! 

Night dad x


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