Graduation Day

Hey dad,

Well I guess the first thing I should say is happy birthday! 

We all woke up this morning (some earlier then others) and got ready for graduation. We knew by 8am it was going to be hot. We didn’t even dress up for graduation, just smart with cool clothes. 

Of course we had a set time we needed to leave. Holly was not ready. The others went on and I stayed behind with Holly and Neal to drive them to graduation.

Esme’s graduation was in their basket ball stadium. It was a pretty big stadium! We got there and managed to park under cover; result. We managed to get there before the others, they went to see Esme’s training pool. We hung around in the lobby and found Esme’s name in the graduation book until the others arrived. 

By the time we were all together the stadium was filling up. There was not enough seats together, so we split into two. We still managed pretty good seats.

The music started playing and the graduates started walking in. Esme and her group were last into the stadium. Jon somehow managed to shout loud enough Esme heard him and managed to spot us in the crowd! 

We sat through the national anthem and the speeches, the graduation ceremony and the ‘turning of the tassel’ the whole ceremony took about two hours.

Outside we met up with Esme and her friends. We did the obligatory photos and stood melting in the sun for a while. It was baking hot! 

Esme recommended we go to ‘The Doghouse’ for lunch, which is her student bar. We ordered sandwiches to go and went back to the house. Best steak sandwich we have ever had! It was unbelievably good! 

We were melting when we got back to the house. Jon, Holly and Neal all went for a swim, and the rest of us cooled off indoors. 

The afternoon was spent at a BBQ put on by friends of Esme’s. It was a really good evening. The swim team were there along with other friends, and their parents who had all come from all over the world for graduation. 

Of course in true celebratory form; there was alcohol. Neal by this time was a funny shade of pink and complaining he didn’t feel well. Sun stoke. Esme had been drinking since breakfast; and Jon was rapidly getting through bottles of cider! 

The end result was Esme suggesting keg stands. Jon somehow went first. He didn’t know what a keg stand was. He learnt pretty fast. In case you don’t know, a keg stand is where you hold on to the edges of the keg, put the tap in your mouth and have your feet lifted above your head. The end result is you chugging while vertical for as long as you can. 

This clearly did not agree with either of them. Esme was hammered to the level she could not stand up. At the end of the evening, a friend of Esme’s took her home in the back of his pick up truck, with Jon in the back to male sure she didn’t fall out. They got her home in one piece, but from what I understand she had emptied her stomach multiple times before and after the car ride. Jon got out of the truck and back in the car with the others. Jon made it the whole way home, before tossing his cookies inside the car just as it pulled into the driveway. 

I learnt all of this when mum came running in the house shouting for water and a towel. I had left the BBQ before the others to bring Neal and Holly home as Neal felt so ill. 

To say today was entertaining would be an understatement! 

Time for bed, I wonder how fast we will be moving in the morning?

Night dad x


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