Driving to Paso Robles

Hey Dad,

So even though we got in late last night, we are up early this morning. We had a long drive ahead of us.  

Our first stop was Monterey. It was really nice; but some what lack lustre. So much more could be done with the area, and it just seemed to be lacking something. Mum wanted to eat lunch in a restaurant overlooking the bay. It was freezing! I had a jacket on and the wind had a bite to it. Completely not the weather we left Fresno in! The only restaurant with outside searing out of the wind was Bubba Gump.  So we went there for lunch, again. The waitress serving us asked if we wanted to play a trivia game. 

Bring it on.

She said she would ask me the hard questions. She seemed a mixture of shocked and impressed I could answer them. I think out of about twenty questions, I only failed on one. I even got the question “How long did Forrest run for?” Apparently I am the first person she had ever served to actually get it right. I tried to blag a free drink for it, but no such luck! 

After lunch we headed down the coast road to a little place called Carmel – by – the – sea. Dad you would have loved it! The houses along the road were fabulous. Just in architecture alone. We drive slowly just admiring the homes and the beach.  From there we headed along the road further to Big sur. Along the road is a beautiful bridge. I bet everyone has seen this road in a film, it’s in a lot. We pulled over and took a load of photos.  

From there though the road was shut. There was a landslide and part of the road had been damaged. So we turned back and headed for Paso Robles, a small town north of LA where the Gullicks were staying. 

We checked in, but no time to relax as we were heading to a soft ball game! We had a really good time watching Aaron play softball. We got nachos and Lucy explained the rules. 

We all headed back to the hotel and crashed Tracey and Jamie’s room. We all sat in there laughing and filling in Lucy and Aaron with our yosemite escapades. We laughed so much we received a noise complaint and were asked to keep it down – oops. 

Well time for bed. Another long day of driving, and another one tomorrow! 

Night dad x


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