Essex is coming to LA

Hey Dad;

So Lauren arrived today. Jon seems quite happy about this!

We set off from Paso Robles and headed towards LA. We braced ourselves for another long day! 

We planned to stop off in Santa Barbara for lunch. It was amazing. We parked on the pier and wandered around for a while and just chilled out. A heron was standing directly behind a fisherman at the end of the pier. Holly was terrified! The restaurants on the pier were kind of pricey for lunch, so we walked into town and found a pizza and pasta lunch deal. That will do. 

Esme had an idea we should rent jet skis, we were all up for that, until we saw the price! We sat debating for ages, and looking at the options, only to find the jet skis were not available that day anyway! Never mind. Instead we decided to play beach volleyball! 

We hired a ball and headed to a net already set up on the beach. Shock horror dad, we all suck at volleyball, we were really bad! After an hour we were able to get a small rally going. Holly seemed to spend most of her time on her arse in the sand, Neal was just laughing at Holly, Jon was trying to remember that it was not football; you can’t kick the ball, Esme would hit the ball and it would go flying in a different direcrion, Tracey was content with just trying to jump; her feet just didn’t leave the ground! And I seemed to watch the ball fly past me and I would go running for it. No hand eye what so ever! Mum didn’t even bother trying to play! We really sacked, but we had a great time trying!

As time went on, we needed to leave to get Lauren from the airport. Esme came with me and Jon to direct. We set off towards LA, and low and behind we hot traffic. We plodded along for hours towards LA, it took forever. Lauren’s plane was late which was helpful, as we were hours away from the airport. We sat with the roof down blaring out the Wurzels as we headed into LA. We found Lauren, loaded her bags and set  the satnav for the hotel. 10 miles. Phew.

We drove 2 hours to Santa Barbara, and left at 15:30. We got to Lauren at 19:30, so another 4 straight hours. We were all ready to get out of the car. 

With LA traffic, it took an hour and a half to drive 10 miles! I was done! Seven and a half hours of driving is enough for me for one day, especially when five and a half of that was continuous! 

We were staying in Hollywood, just off the strip. First impression of LA, it’s a dump! It’s dirty, and full of homeless people and beggars, rubbish and graffiti everywhere. Driving though every other store front was vandalised. 

We did drive past LA ink by accident though, that was pretty cool.

Well we finally made it to the road we needed to be on. But we had no idea where on the street we were staying, and the road goes on for miles! We were already in the car laughing nervously thinking what on earth would we be staying in! The others were standing on the street waiting for us so we kept on driving. We past homeless people, hookers, vandalism, and a really obvious drug deal. 

We found the others and parked in the secure underground car park. Amazingly, the apartment was really nice. Not huge, but perfectly comfortable for all of us. 

I said I could not bear getting back in a car, and the others agrees so we decided to get a taxi to the strip. We could have walked, but that seemed like effort!

We ended up in a hard rock cafe, with cocktails all round! 

After eating way too much we agreed to walk back to the hotel. That was an experience! The strip is just awful! The walk of fame is dirty and covered in chewing gum, the whole Street is lined with beggars, and the smell of weed is overpowering! You could get high off the fumes!

We had to walk through an underpass, the pavement  (sorry, sidewalk) was so littered with homeless tents we walked down the central reservation! 

Dad you would hate Hollywood! We all think it’s a dump! – other then Neal mind, he loved this place. Neal is crazy! 

Well a jetlagged Lauren is sound asleep, and I think we are all not far behind her!

Here’s hoping the Rest of LA is not as awful

Night dad x


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