Venice Beach and the day of Ubers

Hey Dad,

So today we headed out to Venice Beach.  Still exhausted from yesterday, and figuring parking would be a nightmare, we ordered Ubers to take us to Santa Monica pier. 

With LA traffic, we were in this car for over an hour! We didn’t even get to the pier until mid morning! It kind of felt like we had lost the morning, but never mind, time to make the most of

The pier was really cool, and it is also the technical end of route 66. As I am driving it backwards, I guess it is the start for me! 

At the end of the pier is a fair ground. Game on. First game was a ‘simple’ put the basket ball in the hoop. Lauren, our netball champ was up first, more by force then choice. She failed miserably! It gave us all a good chance to mock her though! Jon went second, and in true jammy fashion sunk his first ball. One stupid toy won! 

Next ‘simple’ game; ringtoss. Get a small ring to land on the top of a bottle.  We had a bucket between us, no luck. Stupid game!

Final ‘simple’ game was a horse race. Throw a ball into a different hole to determine the horses speed. Winner gets a prize.  Holly won a purple minion. Lauren won a yellow minion. It was all fun until someone printed out how we were getting these toys home. 

We all went for a ride on the fetishism wheel too! It was about as exciting as a derision wheel can get. It did give us a good view over LA though.  

We left the pier through an amusement park. After a round of air hockey, we stumbled across a dance mat. Uhho. Jon of course thought this was a great idea, and somehow I was playing too. I have not been on one of these things in like 15 years, and I don’t know if you noticed dad, but I am not as fit as I used to be. This was going to hurt. To top it off I was in flip flops so I was playing bare foot! Yep, it was really going to hurt! 

Jon of course floored me, but partially because somehow he remembered the steps to some of the songs! He really is a freak. 

Now out of breath and with red feet we headed down the beach towards Venice Beach.  

LA is just full of weirdos! I think our favourite though was a surfer on a long board. He was holding a sign saying ‘spank me, $1’. We laughed, which meant he circled around and followed us for a while trying to get us to spank him. He said it’s like a legal form of prostitution. We passed, so we ventured on.

Venice Beach is yet another disappointment. It’s just dirty and down trodden.  I sort of expected the beach to be full of pretty people, and with super fit bodies, on rollerblades. But no. Nothing of the sort, just a handful of crazies. 

We walked until we found muscle beach. Again, naff! It was tatty, all the machines were rusty, and it just looked like it was all falling apart. Not impressed at all. There was not even anyone using it. 

We had been walking for a few hours by then, and we were all pretty tired.  Tracey suggested we head to the universal city walk for dinner. Seemed like a good idea. There were however a few problems.

Holly and Neal had wandered off, and we could not all fit in one Uber. We could not order a second Uber as we needed Neal and his account. Esme’s phone, which is only one of two phones that work (the other is Neals)  was about to die. Esme phoned one Uber, which Mum, Jon, Lauren and I jumped in. We said we would meet them there, but with no working phones without WiFi we knew this would be a struggle. 

Again, we didn’t think about LA traffic. It took an hour and a half to drive 12 miles! It was crazy! We all joked Lauren could have ran there faster. 

By the time we eventually made it to city walk, it was dinner time. It felt like we had just travelled meal to meal. With no idea where the others were we went and got icecream, then wandered around the shops. 

Amazingly, my phone pinged. I magically found WiFi. It took a few minutes to realise I was standing outside yet another Bubba Gump! They all have the same WiFi and password! Score! We managed to get a message to Esme, who had found Holly and Neal; and was charging her phone in the car. 

We all met under the hard rock cafe guitar, and decided we needed a drink.  

A few bottles of wine later, and hours of making plans, changing plans, and ending up back at the first plan, we headed to Johnny Rockets for a burger. 

We had all been told to try a burger, and they were ok to be fair, I think they may have been hyped up for us a little too much. 

Before getting our final Uber of the day we stopped at voodoo doughnuts. They looked amazing! We bought a box full and took them back to the hotel. That’s breakfast tomorrow! 

Another exhausting day, but this time it’s from sorting in traffic. 

At least we have a better plan for tomorrow!

Night dad x


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