A day with David

Hey Dad,

So remember I told you about David? Well we met him on the boat in China. He had moved back to LA and offered to show us around. 

We went everywhere! Like absolutely everywhere, and David provided the commentary. 

We went to redondo beach and pier first and had a walk around. David drove us via sunset boulevard and through some other amazing roads, past famous bars and buildings. 

Our next stop was Malibu. We walked along the beach and mum tipped her toes in the ocean. She said it was freezing. The houses along Malibu were strange. From the front there looked like nothing special.  Just a door which was typically in disrepair. David explained the houses were worth tens of millions, but there is no need to advertise that. Makes sense I guess. 

David took us to a restaurant on the water front. As we pulled in I was a little concerned, it looked really up market. It was lovely inside, and we could sit out on the balcony. The food was actually very reasonable, which was extremely unexpected.  We both had salad, just about the biggest salad I have ever seen. I didn’t even make it half way through! 

From Malibu we drove back towards Hollywood, and through Bel-air, Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills. You would have liked this area. Clean, beggar free, and the houses were out of this world! 

Over the hills to studio city! We went to the Disney studios, and saw the seven dwarf building. I walked straight in to get some picture, only to be ushered put by security.  Worth it! 

David then drive us through Griffith Park to the observatory. From there we had a beautiful view of the Hollywood sign! The observatory was great.  They had a  pendulum showing how the earth is rotating, and a machine where you could see the effect of an asteroid on earth. We didn’t stay too long, but I could have played all day there. 

Back down the hill and onto the Hollywood walk of fame. We found your star! We also found your other star, Donald Duck. After a bit more celebrity spotting; we decided we were done with our whistle stop tour of LA. 

We went back to the apartment, where the others had all had great days too. Esme found a Thai food restaurant around the corner so we all headed there, including David. I forgot my ID, idiot. Soft drinks for me all evening. 

Another long day, but travelling with a local is the way to go! We did not hit traffic once! We occasionally were even on empty roads. Best tour guide ever! It was really nice to see David too. 

Time for bed!

Night dad x


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