Universal, Dodgers, Driving

Hey Dad,

Universal studios today! 

This universal is completely different to the Florida one. This is much more about the films then being about rides. We wandered around Harry Potter world and did a bus ride of the back lot and looked at a load of film sets. It was pretty cool! We ran around the theme park with military precision. One thing you taught us was how to maximise your theme park time. Of course, mum, Jon and I knew what we were doing, the others  (especially Lauren) looked a little terrified!

We had to rush around the park, we were on a deadline! 

We had to be our of the park early enough to drive across town to go to a baseball game!

Dodgers vs Cubs. We had a great time. Thanks to Aaron, even mum had a basic understanding of the rules. All the fans mingle and sit together. English football could really learn a lot from fans of other sports. Nothing but friendly banter and rivalry. No drama or punch ups. 

After the game the field was opened to the spectators for a firework show. We wete skeptical on the standard the fireworks would be. We were amazed, it was fabulous! 

Once back at the car, we set the satnav for San Deigo. I knew this was going to be tough, we would not make it to San Deigo until after 1am. With the long day now even longer, the drive could have been tough.

Jon and Lauren fell asleep. Lauren is still jetlagged too. I decided to kill the miles by drinking their cokes from the drive thru McDonald’s they asked me to stop at. 

We are now all in San Deigo, and the hotel is interesting. Too late to fill you in now, I’ll do that tomorrow! 

Night dad z


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