San Deigo

Hey Dad,

So about our hotel, to say it’s old is a bit of an understatement! The lift is 100 years old. The door is manual and has a metal grill you have to slide across. The loft even dips slightly when people get in to counter the weight. Needless to say we will all be using the stairs. 

Mine and mums room is two separate rooms with a door. However it only has one bathroom, so the door is pointless. Holly and Neal are across the hall, and have an inter connecting door to Jon and Lauren. We all had our doors open at 2am and were having a good laugh at how dated the rooms were. The hotels have definitely gone down hill since the house in Fresno! We were also asked to sign a waiver when we checked in saying that we were aware we were in the gas lamp district and therefore would not complain about any noise! The rooms even came with ear plugs. At 2am this was of course hilarious! We also made use of the no noise complaints by having a conversation between all the open door rooms. Neal was even running up and down the hallway on a broom he found from somewhere.  

After all the excitement of last night, we did not really move very quickly in the morning. On the hunt for breakfast, we ended up in Starbucks. Lucy and Aaron had come down for the day and Rachel was visiting her parents who live nearby.  

After breakfast, the whole tribe drove over an amazing bridge to Coronado. Coronado is a beautiful island just off the mainland. We parked up and walked along a beach. The sand was unreal, it was glittery. It looked like there were flecks of gold in it! We carried on walking and came up to the most beautiful hotel. We went in and walked around.  Definitely your kind of place dad, but out of our budgets for this trip. We even stopped at the ice cream parlour attached to it. They had coconut icecream, amazing! 

We then walked back along the street to the cars. Even the town was lovely! We didn’t stop for long in the town though, and headed out to San Deigo beach. 

After eventually finding a parking space, we walked to the waters edge, and laying on the rocks were seals. They stank! The smell almost made your eyes water! They were fun to watch though, swimming into shore and kicking eachother out of spots on the rocks. 

From the seals we walked to the sand and through a stone cave. The cave led no where, but it gave a great view of the horizon. The cave was in the water, with a few rocks to stand on to get through. Amazingly, we all kept our feet dry! 

From the beach we drove inland to somewhere right up your street, wine and chocolate tasting! The winery was set on a small ranch type place, with small wooden buildings and little people paths, it was very pretty. We had lunch there which gave us all a good laugh. Mum placed an order and we were given a number. Of course she ended up with the number 20. Jon came to the table with it and I shot back in my chair laughing. The others of course looked a little confused so we had to explain. 

Anyway, we had lunch and headed for the tasting section. We could try five wines, and were given a chocolate button to have with each of the wines. Mum was of course disappointed we only got one chocolate button.

With a fill of some very good wine, we went to out final destination for the evening; Rachel’s parents house. They were cooking a BBQ for all of us! The buyers were just huge, like over an inch thick and perfectly cooked. With salads, dips, corn, pasta and nibbles, they really went all out for us, and it tasted amazing. It was also really refreshing to have a hike cooked meal. 

We spent the rest of the evening sitting on the sofa and telling stories of our trip so far. As it got late we said goodbye and drove back to the hotel. We all need to catch up on sleep from last night! 


Night dad x


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