San Diego Zoo

Hey Dad,

Maybe not your ideal day today, but it had to be done. 

Today we all went to the zoo! San Diego Zoo is regarded as one of the best zoos in the world, so we had to go and see it. 

There is not really a massive amount to report at the zoo really. We saw a huge amount of animals, and walked for miles around the park. After lapping the entire park we got on the cable car to fly over the park and then got the tour bus back. We had around really nice, sort of relaxing day. 

Rachel’s family had recommended a good Mexican restaurant to go to after the zoo. We are so close to the Mexican border here, this is apparently on of the best places to get Mexican food without actually being in Mexico. 

We turned up and the place was packed. True American from, people were waiting outside with buzzers. I went in send asked for a table of 9. The waitress looked slightly horrified. She explained it would be a 90 minute wait. I said fine, which I don’t think she was pleased about. 

While we waited, we sat at the bar. Mum and Lauren ordered margaritas. They had a choice between standard and large. I’ll give you one guess on which they went for! Dad you have never seen a cocktail like it! The glass was impossibly big! May as well have been a vase! Mum had to hold it with two hands. Mum’s face was a picture when they put it in front of her. Then she took a sip, her reaction was priceless! Thus margarita blew her head off! I even have a great picture taken at the exact moment! I’ll let you guess what she said from it…

Mum’s going to kill me for that one! 

We eventually got seated, but has also been much information on tortilla chips while we were waiting. Bad move! We all ordered and left the chips alone. 

As we were sitting there, we heard an all mighty smash. The waiters were carrying all the players on huge trays above their heads, and as a waiter came out of the kitchen he lost the entire tray, and it all went crashing to the floor. After watching the carnage for a few minutes, Esme realised that was our waiter. That was our meals! Shockingly enough, our food took a long time to come out. Result cooking nine orders was always going to take a little bit of time. The food was amazing, but huge. We could have all shared and not finished our plates. We were all bloated and stuffed! You know the meal is big when Jon couldn’t finish it, neither could Neal! 

After dinner we went for a walk around the old town. It was really beautiful, and it felt like you could easily be in Mexico.  There was an open courtyard with a band playing, people dancing and sitting around tables, and little shops lined the square. It was all lit up too. We walked all around it and wandered into all the little shops. I think we all needed to walk off the insane amount of food.

Back at the hotel Esme realised she had left some bits with Rachel, and I had ordered a water bottle to hers, which had arrived today. We decided to drive out to Rachel’s to pick it up. It was actually a really nice drive catching up with Esme and her life out in California. 

Well now back at the hotel, and time to pack again. Off to Vegas tomorrow!

Night dad x


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