Shopping and exploring

Hey Dad,

So buy the time we got into Vegas last night, Holly and Neal had been shopping all afternoon. Yesterday was Memorial Weekend here, and so apparently all the shops would have a huge sale today. So it was agreed today would be the best day to hit the outlet centres. I could think of better ways to spend my first morning in Vegas, but whatever, I figured we may as well get it put the way! 

The outlet centre was only a 1pinutw drive from the hotel, and it was huge. Sadly though no great major bargains. We didn’t stay too long there, no one wanted to spend the whole day shopping.

We drove back to the hotel, and the first stop was the pool! From the long drive yesterday and walking around in the blazing sun this morning; I was ready to find a sunbed and not move for a while.

I found the others sitting in the far corner, furthest away from anyone, and next to a closed off pool. It was ideal, as the rest of the hotel guests crowded around the open pool! I grabbed a sun bed, helped mum finish her lunch, took a sneaky dip in the closed pool (which was only closed because they didn’t have enough life guards) and had a nap. 

We went back up to our rooms late afternoon to get ready for the evening. We were going on a walking tour through the hotels, with Tania and Johnny as our tour guides. 

The hotels were just unvelieveable! They all have walkways linking them together, so there is no need to go outside or cross any roads. They all have crazy themes too. We are staying in the Luxor, which is Egyptian, the hotel next to us is Excalibur and then New York New York. A walkway then takes you to the other side of the strip to MGM. We carried on walking up the strip to Ceasers Palace, being amazed at all the other crazy hotels along the way. 

I had told mum about the cheesecake factory, and the huge slices of cheesecake. Others knew about it and wanted to go, so that’s where we headed for dinner. The slices were not quite as big as Hawaii, but even sharing a slice mum and I could not finish it! 

We learnt pretty quickly that MGM is Uncle Johnny’s favourite place to play poker. We headed back down the strip towards MGM. Once there we wandered around the tables, and Tania showed us how to get drinks for $1. 

Now one thing me and Jon agreed on, was our first proper bet would be roulette, 20 on 20. We headed to a table and Jon went first. Number 19. Opposite side of the board, but one number away from 20. My turn. Red 32. Now this may seem a long way off, but it is right next to 20 on the roulette wheel. I could not believe it!

I then sat and watched Johnny play poker for a while. I was hoping to pay a game, but after watching him play a table, and having not played poker since new year I decided against it, with the types of people playing I would be throwing my money away!

I know Vegas never really appealed to you, and to be honest I think you were spot on. I am not sure you would have liked Vegas. Maybe for a night just to see it, but as a holiday I don’t think this would have been for you. It’s loud, there really too many people, and a fair amount of crazies. At least the crazies now are the good kind, and not the LA kind. 

Night dad x


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