More walking, and KA

Hey Dad,

So we got in late last night, or early depending on your outlook. 

First stop for me and mum this morning was the pool, figuring everyone would be in bed and just meet us there. 

There are a number of things we want to see and do while in Vegas, and they need some organisation! So mid morning mum, tania and I set off down the strip.  First stop MGM!

One of my bucket list wishes is to see a cirque du soleli show. MGM host KA, which is one show I would love to see. The others all wanted to see it too. 11 tickets purchased for this evening. Awesome! 

We carried on walking and got more information on activities. Some of the group wanted to go on a helicopter flight around the grand canyon. I left mum and Tania to get the information and I wandered up the strip to see a few places we missed on our long walk yesterday. I got up as far as the miracle mile, and was too hot and tired to go any further so I headed back to the hotel pool. 

I lay there quite happily for the rest of the afternoon. Pool was still closed too, wonderful. Now even though it was closed, we were still hopping in and out to cool down quickly. No one said anything to us, but the first time Holly tried it, a life guard came straight over and ushered her back behind the rope.  Only Holly could get caught first time around! 

We had booked into an Italian restaurant for dinner, and were told the plates were designed to be shared. Knowing how large the American portions have been, we ordered carefully. We still had more food then we knew what to do with! The waiter asked if we were celebrating anything, to which Tania said it was Esme’s graduation. With that he shouted at the top of his lungs and informed the entire restaurant! Esme went red, and the whole restaurant applauded. We all laughed! 

We didn’t hand around long though as we had to get to KA. Our seats were amazing. The show was simply awesome! I remember you coming back from London saying how good it was, this was just something else! We all really enjoyed it. 

Another evening spent in the casino. We stumbled across this silly horse game, where there are 5 horses and you bet which will be the first two to come in against the ever changing odds posted on the game. We each stuck in $5 worth of quarters and played until we had all ran out of money. No skill involved, just luck. It’s a naff game really, but with all of us playing it we really enjoyed ourselves. 

Yet another late night! 

Night dad x


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