The top of the stripĀ 

Hey Dad,

So we are all so tired from having crazy late nights, we are all spending the morning around the pool! Still closed, perfect! 

As I went down, I saw uncle Johnny laying on a sunbed fast asleep. I had just filled up my water bottle with ice cold water. I poured a tiny bit onto his stomach. He shot up! I laughed. He laughed too and said he would get be back later. I figured that would be a consequence.

After spending all morning and most of the early afternoon by the pool reading, talking and taking sneaky dips in the closed pool. I shut my eyes for a few minutes, which I am sure uncle Johnny must have been waiting for. As I was thinking about jumping in the pool to cool off I felt freezing cold water being poured down by front. Uncle Johnny was standing over me slowly pouring a while cup of freezing cold water with icecubes over me. It was actually really nice and refreshing. I knew he would get me back at some point; he must have been waiting for me to shut my eyes. It was funny!

Anyway we all headed back to our rooms a little earlier to get showered and changed. Everyone seemed to be doing their own things tonight, so me and Mum went with the Gullicks to meet a friend of Esme’s.  We ate at a sports bar, which would not have been your cup of tea, too loud! However there were games on the tables. We had jenga. Holly, Neal, Jamie and I played the longest game of jenga ever! The tower was ridiculous and was nearly over double it’s original height. No one wanted to knock it over that’s for sure!

The New York New York hotel has a roller coaster inside it. We wanted to ride it so Neal, Holly and I went to explore. We paid and waited our turn. The ride was two people per row, so I was on my own – until I had company. Honestly dad; I have no idea what qaa with the guy next to me, but there was a screw loose somewhere. He was trying to talk to us, but not understanding what we were saying.  He went to explain he had ridden the roller coaster 24 times that day already. He had his dinner down his shirt and smelt like he had not showered in a week. Neal was almost on the floor he was laughing at me so hard! We got on the roller coaster, and after the 7th time of saying ‘no I have not ridden this before’ we set off up the first bit of the roller coaster. With that the guy next to me answers his phone. Who does that? He told his dad he was just going up the coaster again now, and with that he shut his flip phone (yep) and stuffed it in his pocket as we went over the first drop. 

Anyway the roller coaster was OK, not one of the best and it rattled your head around a little, but still fun. Neal was still laughing when we got off the ride. He even nearly bought the souvineer photo of me and this guy! 

We met the others back at the restaurant and all decided we should go to the north end of the strip and have a look around. We had not got any further up then Ceasers Palace! Mum, Neal, Holly and I grabbed an Uber to the Stratosphere. The plan was to go to the roof and look out at the view, until we saw the price. Pass! We knew we would not bother with any of the rides on the roof, so we decided there was no point.

From the stratosphere we walked down the road to ‘The Little White Chappel’ the famous place people get married. Inside it was not as tragic as I was expecting. We also got a few photos of Holly and Neal standing outside for the fun of it. From there we walked down to circus circus. Weird place! It’s a hotel that’s basically a circus. The top floor is a fair ground with all the silly game stalls and prize machines. We noticed a little stage with a show about to start. We nabbed some ‘disabled only’ seats as those were the only ones left  (we figured if someone disabled came along we would move) and waited to see what the show was. Turns out it was a tiny little man who spun himself around in a big ring and balanced on a ladder. Tacky and naff, but amusing enough for a free show. 

Our next stop was the Venetian Hotel. With met up with the others (minus Jon and Lauren) at reception. Wow. What a hotel. You would like this place dad! We walked through the casino and went upstairs, from there you were immersed into Venice, complete with gondola ride though the canals. Sadly the gondola  had closed for the night, but we got to see then at least.  The ceiling was painted blue and looked like sky, and all the designer shops were painted to look like small streets. It was beautiful.  There is a bakery inside owned by the ‘cake boss’ people, so of course we went in! It was too late to eat desserts (almost midnight) so we got them boxed to take back. 

We grabbed a ride back to out hotel; where Neal had put all out names down on a night club guest list. Some bloke came walking around the pool earlier and asked if we wanted guest list, so Neal said yes. They all went on ahead, but by the time we got to the hotel we had a message that the lads needed shirts and no trainers or shorts. They put us on the guest list for tomorrow night, and we all instantly scrapped that idea.  

Time for roulette. No one could be bothered to walk to MGM so we had a play on the roulette table in the Luxor. It was a $10 buy in. I stuck in $10, and did something really stupid.  I went against my gut. I would have put the $10 on $20, but for better odds of staying in the game longer, I put the lot on red. Well take a guess at what damn number came in! I went mental! I also took it as my queue to give up for the night. 

Night dad x