Rhys, Limos and Hospital Gowns

Hey Dad,

So Rhys got into Vegas at 8am. It was an early start for me that’s for sure! He looked worse though, jetlagged to the max.

We went up to the room so he could leave his case and say hi to mum. We then left for a tour of the strip. 

We walked up the strip for miles! Through all the hotels, around the miracle mile, all the way to the venetian. We even stopped off in a few shops, like M&Ms world, where I bought one M&Ms in every colour! After over three hours of walking we were both exhausted, so we took the lazy option and grabbed a taxi back to the hotel. 

We assumed our position around the pool; or at least we were about to until we realised there were no available sunbeds in our families spot! As it’s Friday, we can only assume people have descended on Vegas for a long weekend, as it was so much busier! There were groups of lads drinking in the pool and hen parties dress up in silly costumes, and noise! 

Fortunately the pool was still closed off, so we found some sun beds near by and waited until there was space in the back corner. It didn’t take long. By the time we moved Holly and Neal had turned up, followed by the others eventually.

Neals sky dive went really well, he loved it. Mum had an amazing time over the canyon too. Jon and Lauren had carried on down the strip to look at a few more places. 

We got a message from Tracey that she had booked us a limo for one hour to take us to the Las VEGAS sign and to Fremont Street. Awesome. Getting hold of Jon and Lauren was a  bit of a struggle though. We managed it eventually, and grabbed them from another hotel before heading to the sign. 

We had a blast in the limo. We stocked up on wine and fizz, played crazy music and danced like idiots. Definitely the way to travel, and as a group too which made it all the more fun. 

We got to Fremont Street, and it was a bit quiet. It was still early though so we walked up and down for a while. Jon and Neal had been going on about a restaurant on the street called the ‘heart attack grill’. 

The heart attack grill is a burger place. It is the most awful thing I have ever seen! It promotes obesity, and bad diets. If you are over 300 lbs you can eat for free. As you walk in, you are put into a hospital gown. You are then shown to your seat. The menu is hideous! The smallest burger is crazy big, and the biggest burger is 8 times that. Is was obscene. Jon and Neal of course had to order it. There was one other small catch to this place; if you didn’t finish your meal, the waitress would spank you with a paddle. No really. A wooden paddle! 

Not all of us wanted to eat there, but Esme, Holly, Neal, Jamie, Rhys, Jon, Lauren and myself all decided to try it.

We decided it would be funny to weigh Jamie in. Little did we know he would be dragged on stage and his weight would be broadcast on a huge sign above his head for the whole restaurant to see! 

We all finished ordering and got to our drinks. The wine was served in an IV drip bag. They came over with a big metal drip stand, but the IV on it and you filled your glass using the drip. Hilarious. 

Our burgers then came out. Our single burgers were just insane. There was no way we would ever finish them! It was like the size of four standard burgers at home! Along with the chilli, bacon and tomato! The chili was a meal in itself! Then Jon and Neals burgers came out. This burger was the size of Jon’s forearm. No joke! I don’t think there is anything I can say about this burger that would be an exaggeration! The other customers were coming over and asking to take photos of this monstrosity.

Jon, who had a belly full of beer by then made a valiant attempt, and got just over a third of the way through. Neal managed just under half. 

By this time, the others had finished their very upmarket meal of steak and seafood next door. We walked over to the open window and showed mum the burger. She looked horrified! We then had to explain that the bit Jon was holding was what was left of the burger! 

Oh and did I mention they did karaoke? Rhys was the only one brave (stupid) enough, but he did a good job. The restaurant seemed quite impressed actually. 

Time for the spanking. This took place by the open window at the front of the restaurant, for all the public to see. You bent over a metal bar and held the hand rails on the sides. 

Some how Lauren ended up going first, and the waitress did not hold back. With every whack we all winced. All three of the whacks getting harder and harder. Neal, Jamie, Rhys and Jon all stepped up to the plate. Neal was clearly the favourite has he ended up with a cheeky 4th spank! Ouch. 

After that the waitress vanished.  Esme, Holly and I walked off before she realised. Our asses were spared the spanking, which I was quite pleased about. The shorts I was wearing would have meant spanking bare skin. Nope! 

We walked back up the street, with some of us rubbing our bums. They even all posed for a photo right on the street, asses out! 

We walked up to the top of the street where we watched the light show on the roof. It was pretty cool, and the music was really good too. 

Dancing in the street has a while new meaning now too. Rhys was way too into it, and even attracted some of Las Vegas’ finest weirdos to join him! The others had all given up by then, and were just stood, watching Rhys. It was pretty amusing. 

We ventured back to the strip where we changed to go to the club. The club was in the hotel nexr door to us, on the 60th floor. What a nightmare that was.

The Gullicks went ahead, we said we would meet them in there. It took us forever to find the entrance to the club, and kept getting sent in wring directions by useless staff. Once we eventually found it, and got through security, I got a message from Esme saying they were back down. Typical! We headed up anyway, after all we got this far, we need to see the view. The club was packed! It was ridiculous! You could not move. At all. The people trying he get to the bar was 4 deep! We walked in and mum shot me all look of ‘nope’. We fought our way to the balcony to look at the view, which was spectacular! It looked right up the strip, which was all light up against the black sky. Only minor catch of the balcony is that is was smokers corner. Yuck. We got some photos and fought our way back through the masses of people. We left!

We walked back to MGM for our last night in the casino. The others were so tired most had gone off to bed already. We lost miserably on the horse game and wandered around for a while. 

We gave up for the night and ambled back to the hotel. Mum decided she wanted to put $20 on 20 with us so we headed to the roulette table. We all lost miserably.  Oh well. 

Time for bed, long drive tomorrow! 

Night dad x