Hoover Dam, West Rim and Kingman

Hey Dad, 

Well today is the day the family fly home. As we were packing it became very clear very quickly we all had eachothers stuff in our rooms. The hotel is huge; and it takes like 15 minutes to walk to each others rooms. The morning was spent with messages flying everywhere, trying to work out where things and people were.

The Gullicks had to leave earlier, so we met them in the hotel lobby to say goodbye to them; and Esme in particular, as we will not see her now until Christmas! Well Tracey, Jamie and Esme were there, but no Holly and Neal. They were apparently still packing.  I went to their room to help. The room was a state! There was stuff everywhere, they were no where near ready to go, and had to be out in the next 5 minutes. I grabbed what I could had threw it into one of the open and empty cases. Neal strolled out of the shower with no sense of urgency, and Holly was emptying drawers. I grabbed the bits of mine and the others and went back to the lobby laughing. I explained to the others the situation, who decided to just meet them at the airport. Esme’s flight was earlier then the Gullicks.

In the middle of all this, Tania had blagged a free breakfast buffet for 6 people. Result! We ran back to our room to finish packing. We finished packing, but no sign of Rhys who went to the gym. He eventually showed up, and we sprinted down to breakfast.

I know buffets are not your thing, they are not mine either, but you could not fault it! Fresh fruit, breads, seafood, pizza, Dessert, the lot! We stuffed ourselves  (and our pockets) making the most of free food.

We gung-ho around in the casino for another hour or so, watching uncle Johnny play roulette. 20 came in for him! He was happy! – couldn’t have made that happen for me last night though hey?!

The time came to leave, so I got the car from valet and we started loading it up. I said goodbye to Tania and Johnny, and said goodbye to mum twice. 

Back on the road again!

First stop, Alamo car rental! The radio had packed up, and there was no way I was driving to New York with no music! Alamo explained we had to pay extra for the satellite radio. I was not impressed. I begrudgingly paid the extra and we set off.

We drove from Vegas to the Hoover Dam. It was Awesome! We parked up and walked along the top of the Dam.  We could see down over both sides, it was much bigger then I was expecting! The only thing though, we were melting. The car recorded a temperature of 42°c at the Dam. Walking around was draining! They had huge industrial fans you could stand in front to cool off. Just walking the stairs to the car room more energy then I should!

Back in the car to the air conditioning on full, we headed towards Kingman in Arizona. On the road down we noticed signs for the Grand Canyon West rim, and the sky walk.  We were both under the impression the canyon was on the south rim, so we quickly decided to make a detour. 

The west rim was over an hours drive each way in the wrong direction, but whatever! One thing we didn’t budget for though; the time!

We got tot he West rim visitors centre too late! The sky walk was shut and all of the tours had stopped.  We had come so far, not seeing anything would have been awful so we pushed our luck and asked if there was anything we could do. We were pointed in the direction of a bus going out to the west rim at point. But we had to move fast, the bus was leaving that minute. We quickly paid and ran to the stop. 

We hopped on the bus for a very short journey to the point. Dad the views were out of this word stunning! We got there just as the sun was setting behind the canyon, so the colours on the canyon were unvelieveable! We walked around for ages. The point stuck out, so we could get an almost 36o° view down the canyon.  Again though, we were pushed for time, so we had to get the bus back. 

As the sun was setting we drive down to kingman. We didn’t have anywhere booked, so after gamrabbing a quick bite we drive around to find a cheap motel. Shock horror, prices on the door are not that cheap! Oh well it’s only for one night. 

Big day tomorrow, a day on route 66!

Night dad x