Route 66 to Williams

Hey Dad,

We got up this mooring and headed East along the old route 66. The road is like a small piece of ribbon wrapping around the interstate that runs along side it. The bulk of the first bit of road was just scenic views, not much life to see. We came across a few small towns. Some were just the rememance of towns and buildings, which looked like they had been deserted years ago. 

We came across a town called Seligman, which felt like we had gone back in time to the wild west. We got out of the car and had a wonder around the old shops and buildings. We even got to go into the old jail, which had been preserved for passers by. 

We carried on driving, admiring the sights and grabbing a quick glance of abandoned buildings. We were also amazed by the trains. Huge industrial looking trains, which went on forever. We measured a stationary one, it was two miles long! Really 

We arrived in a small town called Williams. It was the absolute representation of what I thought towns along route 66 would be like. It was old, historic, and all of the main buildings were along one very wide strip of road. It looked amazing. We were staying in Williams tonight, but we carried on driving towards Flagstaff. 

We made it to Flagstaff, but we were completely exhausted. I came across an ice cream shop, so we stopped for icecream and then headed back towards Williams. We followed the train line and stumbled across a tourist information centre. We got a lot of information a bit the area, and learnt about a few placed we didn’t know about. She then told us about the ‘shoot out’ tonight. 

We checked into our motel, and I chilled out for an hour or so while Rhys went for a walk. 

We went to the shoot out that evening, which was actually really enjoyable. They blocked off the streets, and had a performance right in the middle of the road. They told us a story about some big shot cowboy, then they told us the real story about the big shit cowboy. All the actors had guns which they kept firing at eachother. Blanks obviously, but very loud. 

We grabbed a bite to eat and walked up and down the road. All the shops were lit up with 50s style neon lights, it was amazing. 

Another big day tomorrow!

Night dad x