Staying on the corner of Winslow Arizona

Hey Dad,

So we are based in Williams now for a few days. We are at a cross roads of where we want to go, so we figured stay in the middle and drive out. 

Today we drove East. Our first stop was a little deserted place called Twin Arrows. Again, it must have been a little town or a place to stop on the old route 66, but today there is an abandoned building and two huge arrows sticking out of the ground. We stayed long enough to grab some photos and walk around the abandoned building. 

We carried on driving out to meteor crater. It was pretty awesome for  m essentially a hole in the ground. We watched a short movie about how they believe the crater was formed, and came out just in time to catch a guided tour. The guided tour was very informative, but we basically walked 200m over the rim of the crater, stopped for a talk and walked back.  We then walked up the other side to the view point. There was just nothing to see for miles around.  The ground was flat, with huge mountains in the distance. Pretty spectacular.

Now one thing we had not accounted for around here was the altitude. We both noticed we wee out of breath just climbing one flight of stairs. We may not be the fittest, but one flight of stairs should not be a struggle. The satnav informed us we were over 7000 feet above sea level! We were only at 8000 on the tramway in California! 

From the crater we headed for Winslow. I don’t need to tell you this place was made famous by ‘The Eagles’. We did exactly what the first line of the song said. We stood on the corner of Winslow, Arizona. The town played up to it, with statues, plaques and a huge route 66 sign in the middle of the road. Even the shops were the names of song lyrics. It was pretty cool. 

One thing Rhys has wanted since being on the road is a root beer float. The cafe on the corner actually served them. Rhys day was made! 

Driving back from Winslow we stopped at another abandoned town called two guns. There was not much left of this place other than a few ruins. 

Well lots of driving again today dad, and plenty more tomorrow!

Night dad x