Tattoos and Sedona

Hey Dad,

Before you freak out, it’s not my tattoo! 

This morning we got up and went to a tattoo parlour for Rhys. He had told me he wanted a tattoo for a while to represent a few times in his life, which I then ended up designing for him last night. He decided a tattoo on route 66 was an opportunity he could not pass up. I was happy to go along for the ride!

We spent the next two hours in the tattoo studio. The artists name was Jeff, and weirdly he also had his 8 year old daughter Annabell with him. The studio was tiny, and it just fit us all in comfortably. Rhys was really pleased with the result, we thanked Jeff and headed off for another day of exploring. 

We had been told by a number of people to drive down to Sedona, and we would not be disappointed.  They were not wrong.  Sedona was over an hours drive away, and it was all down hill. This worked in our favour; not only for the altitude; but with the views. Massive panoramic views leading out all over Arizona as we followed the windy road down towards the town. 

Dad you would have loved this place! It was simply beautiful. The small town was full of what looked like very up market restaurants and the whole place screamed luxury. Driving down there were many signs for private spas and retreats. We both got the impression this is where high up business people come for some relaxation away from the rat race. Although there were people around, the town was calm and quiet, almost as if everyone was whispering. 

We stopped for lunch and had one of the best pizzas I have ever had. Even Rhys agreed it was a good pizza! We also ordered a side of garlic bread, which came out as fresh bread with a small plate of garlic in fussed oil for dipping, it was unvelieveable! 

We walked around Sedona looking at the back drop. The rocks and the colours looked out of this world. This is I think my favourote place in Arizona so far! Aware we probably could not afford anything, we carried on driving through Sedona to see what else was around. 

I read online some time ago about a McDonald’s not being allowed a yellow sign outside one of their restaurants, so they turned it green. We drove straight past it. Weird how two separate things can suddenly come together in your mind. 

We followed signs to a national park, which turned out to be closed. We were 10 minutes late. Never mind. We ventured our way back up the mountain towards Williams, admiring the views once again from behind us. 

Now coming down and back up, we had to drive along a road undergoing some work. I had to drive the mustang on gravel, which huge boulders in the middle of it. Everyone around here drives four wheelers and trucks, but the mustangs ground clearance is nothing compared to them! I spent the three or so miles of road works avoiding pot holes and deep gravel areas. It was not much fun, but flicking the back end out was.

Early night tonight, tomorrow we are heading to the Grand Canyon!

Night dad x