Driving to Lake Powell

Hey Dad,

We are both moving a little slower this morning. Aching muscles!

We packed up and hit the road. The next few days are a bit of a detour off route 66, but there is so much to see in Arizona I figured it was worth it. You would have done the same. 

We took a detour to drive the sunset crater loop. Well we tried anyway, as we pulled into the road we were stopped by a construction worker holding a big stop sign. We sat for ages and waited. Eventually Rhys got so frustrated he got out and asked what was going on. Apparently there was road works further up, and we were unable to pass until we had a pilot car to follow. When Rhys asked how much longer it would be she replied 20 minutes. Are you kidding me?! Unimpressed we waited, it’s not like we had anywhere to go! Fortunately it was only about 5 minute wait from when Rhys got back in the car.

We got out and walked a small trail over lava rocks. Nothing like Hawaii mind, this was more like big grains of sand, and was a reddish brown rather then black. 

We carried on following the loop, which had pretty incredible scenery, and eventually rejoined the highway. 

We stopped for ice cream in the only place around, a burger king! Better then no ice cream at all though!

We arrived in Page, we turned the corner to drive into town. First building we came across was a church. Followed by another church. And another. We counted 9 in total, all next to each other! We suddenly became a little concerned at what we would look like checking in! 

The motel was very a very odd layout; the front doors were practically on the pavement. I guess it is no different to a front door at your house, but for  motel it seemed strange. They are usually at least surrounding a courtyard. The motel is actually really nice, surprisingly. Let’s face it, you always take a gamble when booking places with nothing but online pictures to go by. Not sure this place would be up to your standard, but it’s fine for us.

We emptied the car and headed a few miles down the road to Horseshoe Bend. I am placing bets everyone has seen a picture of this place at some point in their life! It was beautiful. There were quite a few people there taking photos, all the same mundane stand near the edge and smile. I decided to go one better. I walked to the edge of a rock that stuck out slightly and sat down, legs dangling over the edge with nothing but the insane drop of the canyon below. Onlookers gasped. Rhys took some entertaining photos and I crawled backwards from the edge. Rhys then sat in the same spot. As we walked back, a number of people decided to follow our lead. Not sure mum will be very impressed with the photo I got looking down at the canyon floor with my feet in the shot.

Today was a long drive, and add that to yesterday, I am exhausted. I know I say that a lot, but I really am! I have crawled into bed and i am staying there. Rhys had energy so he has gone out. I am guessing he will be back at some point! 

Night dad x