Antelope Canyon and bitey sand

Hey Dad,

So Rhys eventually rocked up last night, at 2am, drunk. He tried his best to be quiet, but with me being a light sleeper he didn’t stand a chance. He told me he booked tickets for Antelope Canyon, something I wanted to book last night but it was closed. 

Slightly concerned with what he booked, with locals advice, drunk, online; we headed out to Antelope Canyon.

Turns out drunk Rhys can get things right! 

Antelope Canyon is like nothing I have ever seen. We were taken down a metal staircase into the canyon, where wind and water had carved out a path wide enough for us to walk through. We were underground walking through a gap in the canyon.  The rocks, and the colours within were nothing short of spectacular. We seemed to be the only English speaking people in our small group, so we seemed to get more special attention. The guide showed us how to capture the vast photos, and the view point. He even showed us some famous rocks and spots. One section is even a Microsoft computer wallpaper. I took so many photos it was crazy! 

The tour lasted a little over an hour; and the sun was beaming when we climbed out of the canyon!mod day heat standing on a rock is not for the feint hearted, even I felt like I was melting.

We headed back towards Page, and drove over to Lake Powell. Rhys was desperate to see a spot on the lake they used for Dr. Who. We drove to the ‘beach’ which is a word used in the loosest term. This as far as I was concerned was not a beach. Anyway, we paid the entrance fee, and followed all the warning signs saying ‘drive at own risk’. Wonderful. The road is just sand going downhill to the lake. We got down in one piece, but it was once I parked I noticed every other car down there was a 4×4 or pick up truck. Uhho. I was instantly concerned with getting back up. 

We tried to walk along a busy beach filled with camper vans. No view of the shoreline through people’s wins breakers and deck chairs. I must have taken about five steps when something bit my foot. Looking at the ground, the sand was full of sharp bits of plants, and now the sharp bits were piercing my skin. Not pleasant. After shouting ‘something bit me’ a handful of times it was no longer funny; and my feet were hurting. I was not bare foot either! As I was walking, sand and bitey bits were getting on top of my flip flops, which meant I was standing on the bitey bits when I put weight back on that foot. Not impressed. We walked the length of the beach and back, looking for the right view point for Rhys. He found it eventually. 
We got back in the car, and after removing all the little spikes still stuck in my feet I attempted to drive uphill. Mustangs are not designed for off road. I could almost hear it yelling at me. Slowly we climbed up the hill, squirreling every so often as the car tried to get traction. Somehow we made other to the top. I was somewhat impressed with the car for that. 

We drove back towards Page, stopping at random view points. The beach was just inside Utah, which meant we crossed the state border. We of course had to stop for an obligatory photo!

After gatecrashing someone else’s photo with the mustang we headed to a lookout view point. I think we were spoilt with Horseshoe Bend, because we were both a little underwhelmed.

We had enough time to head back to the motel and chill by the pool for an hour. It was freezing! Too cold to even be refreshing.

Well time to pack up again, Monument Valley tomorrow!!

Night dad x