Monument Valley and the creepy town

Hey Dad,

So another long drive ahead of us again! 

We left Page this morning. With Lake Powell in the way, we knew we would have to drive all the way around it. We would be going south east to go north east. Wonderful. 

We first stopped just outside Page at a scenic spot overlooking a harbour. There were boats everywhere. I guess if you don’t live near a coast, a massive lake is the next best option. We walked around for a while and took in the scenery for one last time. 

After driving for a while we stopped in a small town called Kaibito. As it turned out this was a pure Navajo town. Rhys was in his element, there were Indians everywhere. After a quick stop for lunch, and the purchase two neckerchiefs later, we hit the road again. 

Rhys had been talking with some locals in the town, who told us to stop off at the Navajo National Monument on the way, so we did. We passed a beautiful rock, which looked like two hands in a prayer position. It was mad how it stood out from everything around it. 

Another quick stop in Kayenta meant icecream! Ice cream stops are becoming a bit of a standard thing now, and I am definitely not complaining!

We crossed the border into Utah! Properly this time too, not just a mile over the border. This also meant our next stop would be Monument Valley! 

Dad, this has been on my bucket list since I was about 7 years old after seeing Forrest Gump for the first time. There is a scene where he finally stops running. Monument Valley is the backdrop for this scene, and I have always wanted to go there since seeing it. So that’s what we did.

Driving through Monument Valley was awesome, the land was relatively flat, with huge rocks sticking up from the ground. It must be one of the most iconic sights in the world! The view I was looking for was just after Monument Valley looking back. I found it! We pulled over for photos, and then I ran up the road in an attempt to re-create the scene. It sounds really stupid, but we had a laugh! 

Leaving Monument Valley in my rear view mirror, we drove though a place called Mexican Hat. We of course sang the stupid song. There was not much around, other than a rock that looked like a sombrero. There was a dirt track to it. Once again, the mustang hated me! 

Of course it was after Mexican Hat the trip starting getting a little weird. 

We arrived at the town we were stopping for the night, it was called Blanding.  Well the name suited it. We drove in, and everything was closed, it was only about 6pm on a Saturday night. We found the motel, and we both got a strange feeling about it. We found the reception and went to check in. On the counter was a while stack of free ‘Book of Mormon’ books, and postcards with religious messages on. It suddenly downed on us why everything was closed. We were in a very religious town, where everything shuts before dinner time on a Saturday and would not reopen again until Monday. 

Then we checked into our room. Mix the smell of an old people’s home with the smell of a particular Aunty of mine, and multiply it. It smelt awful! Rhys and I just looked at eachother with a look that said ‘we are not staying here!’ 

I stood outside the room while Rhys went to talk to reception.  The woman who checked us in and came up with Rhys. She tried to explain the building was old. I don’t care how old the building is, the smell is not the building! She walked in a nd I saw her pull a face, even though she said it seemed ok to her. She checked us in to a different room, which still smelt but no where near as bad. 

You know when a place is just ‘off’ well this was the ipitimy of that. We linked it to that film ‘the hill have eyes’ we both  just had an uneasy feeling. What was weird is we both felt it. After suitably winding eachother up, we headed to the only restaurant in the town. 

The restaurant was surprisingly good, although we did seem to get a few strange looks. I think maybe looking at us people wrongly assumed we are an unmarried couple that has checked into a hotel. 

We ate and headed back to the dodgy motel. By now though we had been out of the room for so long we were no longer ‘nose blind’ and it stank! As Rhys had never seen Forrest Gump, we stuck the film on and double bolted the door.  

Well now we just have to survive the night. We have already heard what sounded like a baby crying outside the door, and some weird animal noises. 

If you don’t hear from me tomorrow, our horror story theory may be correct.  

It’s going to be a long night

Night dad x