Have you slept in a wigwam lately?

Hey Dad,

Well the good news is we both survived the night. Neither of us seemed to sleep well though. Time to get out of here! We grabbed our stuff and left as fast as we could! As we were checking out, we noticed everyone around us was in very smart dress. They did not look impressed with out tank top and shorts attire. We then moved even faster!

Thankfully the only thing open in the town was the petrol station! There was a split second of fear we would have to gamble where the next open station would be. I have been filling up at half a tank just in case that happened, but we are in the middle of nowhere, with at least a four hour drive, and we did not pass any stations on the way into town. The station was almost as weird as the town, it had a bowling alley in it! Who does that?! 

Our main road stop was the four corners monument. You can stand in four different states at once. We had to queue for like twenty minutes to stand on the spot! Then someone had the cheek to tell us to hurry up. Like that was going to make me move any faster! 

The four corners is completely different to the old photos Nan and Grandad have of this place. It’s now got brick huts surrounding it with stalls selling all the standard tourist stuff in it. I was expecting a small barron place with a plaque on the ground, nope. 

We stopped for lunch in another dodgy looking town. There were stray dogs everywhere, and people were sitting on the pavement earing lunch. Again, we didn’t stay too long. 

A long drive later we finally arrived in Holbrook. Now Holbrook is a little bit backwards from where we were, but I could not miss this town. Holbrook is the town Pixar’s film ‘cars’ is based. I had also booked us in to one of the most iconic hotels on route 66, the wigwam hotel! The hotel is a semi circle of 16 concrete stand alone wigwams, and each one outside has a vintage car. It was awesome! Like really cool. The wigwams were basic, but amazing! The town also had a really good feel to it, which after last night put us at ease. We decided it was because we were back in Arizona! 

After being in the car all day again, we walked town the road to find something to eat. There again was not much open. We found an old wooden clad building with a wagon pits ode of it. They served a mix of American and Mexican food. They also served margaritas for $3.50. They were not the best drinks in the world, but Rhys managed to put four away very quickly! The tables also had little solitaire games on them, you know the triangle with the pegs you have to move so you are left with one? It kept me entertained that’s for sure. 
We grabbed ice cream sandwiches on the way home and ambled back to the wigwam. 

Here’s to a better nights sleep! 

Night dad x