The Cafe and driving to Alburqurque 

Hey Dad,

So after we said goodbye to the wigwam we drove into Holbrook for breakfast. 

Rhys spotted a cafe walking back last night so we headed there. Turns out this was the coolest cafe we could have ever walked in to! This cafe is the birthplace of the pixar film ‘cars’.as we walked in, there was memorabilia everywhere, and on the counter was a huge folder of photos, letters and notes from the Pixar team. We spoke to the owners who explained the pixar team say in there cafe for two straight weeks sketching the town. We even met Stanley, who is the previous owner of the cafe (his children run it now). He is a character in the film, along with his now late wife Lizzy. Stanley is the statue, and Lizzy is the elderly car. We waded through the folder, filled with letters from John Lasseter and the team. 

We finally sat down and ordered breakfast, which turned out to be the biggest breakfast I have seen. I ordered a breakfast burrito, but this thing was like four times the size of a standard burrito! I would have struggled to get through this as an evening meal. I made it half way though and passed it onto Rhys to finish.  After looking at the cafe one more time and signing our names in the guest book we hit the road. 

We decided to take a long detour and drive through the ‘petrified forrest’ which was pretty cool. Trees now eventually turned into stone. It was pretty fascinating to see. We also got to see dinosaur bones and foot print fossils. 

The petrified forrest chucked us back on the main interstate, there is not much of the original route 66 around here. Occasionally we would see a route 66 sign heading off the interstate, but it would throw us straight back on a few junctions down. 

We stopped for ice cream along the way too, we both needed a break out of the car. We were also aware we had another two hours to go.  Today was a long car day!

We kept seeing signs for the continental divide. We wondered what that was so we followed the signs. Turns out that’s where the water flows into the different oceans. Water to the east of the line it flows into the Atlantic, and the West the Pacific.  

We eventually made it to Alburqurque, and I was not feeling wonderful. I put it down to just driving too much and eating too much! Rhys went for a wonder while I rested for a bit. I went for a swim, but no sign of Rhys. As it got dark I messaged to find out where he was. He was in the hotel lobby. 

When Rhys got back to the room; showered and packed we figured we should think about food. I was still not very hungry, but we needed to eat. Not being able to bear the thought of getting back in the car, and with nothing around us we decided to order room service, or at least we tried. Kitchen was closed! Then we tried to order pizza, but no where would deliver. We gave up. 

Rhys is also leaving tonight; which sucks! Loosing my road trip buddy to Florida. 

I suppose I had better day goodbye to him! 

Night dad x