Feeling awful in Alburqurque 

Hey Dad,

Well I woke up this morning and felt awful. I couldn’t even bear to get out of bed. Head hurt, body ached and my eyes were bloodshot.  I have been fighting an eye infection for a few days, but today everything just hurt. I also didn’t feel safe to drive.

So I stayed in bed.

I stuck a number of films on and drank water all day. 

So not much to report today I am afraid.

I eventually decided to go for a swim. Pool was closed. Wonderful.  

Not feeling up to driving I ordered a pizza. It was a $6 pizza, so I was expecting a personal size standard pizza. Forgot America does not do standard size portions. This pizza was bigger then a large pizza at home! No way was I going to get though it all! 

Just as well I have a fridge. 

Back to bed for me! 

Night dad x