A drive to Santa Fe

Hey Dad,

So I felt a little better this morning, but didn’t really feel up for walking miles in the baking sun. So I took a drive out to Santa Fe.

It was about an hour to get there, but the drive was quite nice. Little shops lined the road and the back drop was just huge mountains. 

Santa Fe was pretty cool. I cane off the interstate and drive though the centre of town. I could see what looked like very nice houses on a hill in the distance, so I pointed the mustang in that direction! 

I followed your theory, the higher up the hill, the more expensive the property, so I went straight to the top. The drive took me up through a national Forrest.  It was beautiful, if it was near a coast these houses would have been for you! I couldn’t get too close to any of the houses as they were all down private driveways, so I just admired them from afar. Once the houses ran out I carried on driving through the mountain range looking at the miles of trees. Through fear the road would take me hundreds of miles in the wrong direction I turned back and headed back into town. 

I stopped for icecream, and sat outside in the sun for a while. I didn’t see the sun yesterday, it was nice. 

Back in the car I hit the road back to the hotel. I had forgotten the ‘Alburqurque sights’ map, and I couldn’t remember where anything was. 

Back at the hotel, I sat and read the map.  The next thing I knew it was 8pm. I had slept all afternoon! Again! Not sure how that happened, I don’t even remember feeling tired. 

Oh well, left over pizza it is! 

Alburqurque can wait until tomorrow

Night dad x