The road to Tucumcari

Hey Dad,

So it’s time to leave Alburqurque and head further East. I can’t believe I have now been here three days and I have not seen this city.  

After I checked out, I drove all through the town. Route 66 goes straight through the heart of alburqurque. It was a huge mix of modern architecture with classical route to buildings, mixed with working 50s neon signs. Sadly though the whole road was being difficult up, so I couldn’t stop and park. Not that it mattered, the traffic was so slow I could see everything in detail without stopping.  

Back on the road, and I was able to take a lot of route 66 into Tucumcari.  There was not a huge amount to see along the way. The road was pretty flat, and you could see for miles. The hills surrounding alburqurque were a long way in the distance! Every so often I would come across an old building, or what would have been a thriving town now being reclaimed by the land around it. Everything around was pretty derelict. 

After a few hours of seeing very little I arrived in Tucumcari. This town actually had some life in it. Well, life surrounded by closed shops and abandoned motels. It reminded me a lot of the film cars actually, how many people had left, but a few stayed behind hoping for a revival. 

I checked into my hotel for the evening, and the woman behind the counter was really excited I was British. She explained to me she was raised in the UK and met her husband there. I asked her where she was raised. Her exact words ‘oh you probably have not heard of it, I was raised in Loughborough’ my jaw hit the deck! I told her I went to university and I think she didn’t know whether to believe me or not. When we stated talking about the area I think she eventually believed me. She then explained her husband was from Leicester and that’s where they were married. Small world hey! 

Well she must have taken a shine to me, because I am sure I ended up in a much nicer room then I had paid for. 

She also recommended a place to eat tonight, and said they had a good salad bar. I am not sure I have ever been so excited to hear the word salad! 

Well she was not wrong, the food was great, and I took full advantage of the salad bar. After two days of pizza I really needed something green. 

Well that’s all for today

Texas tomorrow!

Night dad x