Midtown, dirt tracks and cadalliacs

Hey Dad, 

So I hit the road again today, I have been looking forward to this bit of the road. 

Before I left I checked the map and it looked like I could drive the majority of the journey on the old route 66. 

Well I set off, roof down perfectly happy, following the route 66 sign. Until, suddenly without warning the tarmac ran out! I had been warned parts of route 66 were now just gravel tracks, and not wanting to turn around and double back on myself, I followed the gravel track. It could not be that long could it?

Well it turns out this track went on for 14 miles! This road was not very mustang friendly either, so my maximum speed was 15mph. For the whole 14 miles. To top it off there was nothing around either! The landscape was flat and there were only a handful of derelict buildings in the distance. It was very pretty in places though, with old wooden bridges and once loved building remains. 

Mercifully I eventually found tarmac. I am not sure who was more pleased, me or the mustang! Following the road for a couple more miles lead to an interstate. That was the end of old route 66. 

My first stop for the day was Midtown.  It is the middle of route 66, where LA and Chicago are 1139 miles away in opposite directions. After taking a handful of photos of the big white painted line across the road I headed into the midpoint cafe. 

Back on the road I headed towards dots museum. It was so not what I was expecting! It was a little house in a residential area. There was no one around. I don’t know what it is about these small American towns feeling like they should be in a horror movie, but the door was shut to the museum and I didn’t really want to leave the car parked up on the side of the road. I was also not brave enough to knock on the door, there was no one around and the surrounding area was silent. Weird. I took some outdoor photos and left. 

A little further down the road was cadalliac ranch. This is 10 cadalliacs buried nose down into the ground. The public are then encouraged to come and spray paint the cars. So armed with a can of red spray paint I went to town! It was great, like acceptable vandalism. Some guy then gave me his can of white paint, so I went crazy with that too. What amazed me though was the rubbish, there were cans and lids everywhere! It’s amazing people can just drop it on the floor and leave it. Not wanting to keep the spray can, nor wanting to add to the rubbish, I gave them to someone who turned up with no spray paint. Why you would turn up with no paint is beyond me! 

Two minutes down the road was a huge cowboy called the second amendment cowboy. There were also three beautiful cadalliacs on plinths behind him. I didn’t stay long, just long enough for a few photos. 

Next stop, Amarillo!

I drove past the city limit line singing ‘is this the way to Amarillo’ in my head. That was more for Claire then you though. 

I got into Amarillo, now came the joyous task of finding my hotel. The satnav had a melt down and couldn’t find it. Wonderful. For some reason as well Amarillo seem to have an adversity to use able WiFi. I must have driven to over ten fast food places trying to steal the free WiFi to find out where I was going. Eventually I ended up in Dennys ordering a milkshake to just use the WiFi.  The satnav was three miles out!

I checked into my hotel, the Camelot Inn

 It actually looks like a castle. It is very budget and very basic, but perfectly comfortable. The woman behind reception is missing all of her front teeth, but lovely. She even gave me a nicer room because she liked me. The room is actually pretty nice, just a little dated.  At £25 a night, just out the centre, with breakfast and a pool, what more could you want?

Night dad x