Amarillo and a big steak

Hey Dad,

So slow morning. I realised this morning I went through another time zone yesterday, and I have not got used to the last one yet. I woke up this morning feeling like it was 8am, nope. It was 10am! 

I also woke up to a handful of messages. By the time I had read and replied, and talked to mum for an hour, somehow it was lunch time! Not sure how that happened. 

Well I eventually got out of the hotel to explore Amarillo. It’s a strange place. When I think city, I think busy, built up, high rise buildings. There is none of that. That place is just like a large town. I drove around for a while hoping to come across something exciting, nothing much. I also drove along the route 66 road that used to go through Amarillo. It had a number of shops and cafes, all in a 195os style, it was pretty cool. 

After a couple of hours wondering around, I went to grab some lunch. One thing I have noticed, people in Texas are extremely polite. Some kid was standing in the middle of the aisle in a store, he said ‘excuse me, maam’ and stepped to one side. I didn’t know whether to be shocked by his politeness, or the fact he called me ‘maam’. I suppose someone had to think I was a grown up at some point! 

I only had a salad for lunch, because I had much bigger plans for dinner! Amarillo is home to the ‘big Texas steak ranch’. It’s a huge bright yellow building, with a wild west style facade. There were giant bulls in the car park, and massive signs saying ‘free 72oz steak’ yep, they offer a 72oz steak, and if you can finish it, it’s free! The record is three 72oz steaks in 20 minutes in one sitting! By a woman who weighs only a little more then me! 

I got told there would be a 45 minute wait, figures! I wondered around the gift shop, and got to see what a 72oz steak actually looked like. It’s about the same size as my face! 

I was seated next to an English couple driving route 66 in the other direction! It was really nice having some form of company in a restaurant. As we were talking about the road, a guy was taking on the 72oz challenge. He was about half way through with 35 minutes to go. It was unvelieveable! He finished it all in just under an hour. Bearing in mind the challenge includes two side dishes and a drink. There was a round of applause from the restaurant.  

Well my fillet steak was pretty damn good dad, but probably not the best steak I have ever had. I think other then the way you cooked steak; that steak in Dubai is still winning! 

As I was leaving another guy took up the challenge. It was quite handy as I got to see the full extent of the challenge before he started it. 

Time for bed, another long drive and another state tomorrow! 

Night dad x