Driving to Oklahoma 

Hey Dad,

So this morning I packed up and left the castle looking motel to start on a 250 or so mile drive to Oklahoma.

One thing today though was dramatically different, the sky had these weird white things in. I think they were clouds, but I am not sure I have not seen them for a while. There is a huge tropical storm heading up through the Caribbean heading up towards the mainland, and other storms running through states east of here. I think today we must have picked up the tails of the storms. It was also very windy. 

Of course the day was full of weird and crazy stops. The very first thing I noticed was just how flat and baron the land around the road is. There is just nothing to see but fields for miles around. There is the occasional windmill, but that’s about it. It is also quite green, with trees breaking up the landscape.

Anyway, I tried to follow route 66 as much as I could, but large portions of it got merged into the the interstate. My first drive by was a small town called Shamrock.  It was really cool, but empty. I did not see another person, or car, at all! The buildings looked like something out of a old route 66 poster, and the road was wide enough for three lanes on each side, but it was just one huge lane.  

I followed route 66 through Shamrock to the next little town, Texola. This place was weird. It was an actual ghost town. All of the buildings were boarded up and falling into disrepair. Driving along there was an old building with a worn out sign saying “there’s no other place like this place anywhere near this place so this must be the place”. It made me laugh. The one really odd thing though, leaving the town, on a road full of cracks, there was one, huge, beautiful red brick house. It looked brand new. You have to question who would build in such a place, clearly someone who does not want to be found. 

I stopped in a place called Elk City, first from lunch, and second because it is home to a route 66 museum. It also has one of the largest route 66 signs around! The museum was amazing, it was set up it what felt like a small old town, with authentic facades and decorations, all surrounding a grass courtyard with a small pond. The buildings all seemed to relate to the museum topic inside too. 

I watched a short video on the origins of route 66, from way back when horse and carts would try and get across the county, right up to the modern day interstate. There was also a transportation museum, an old town museum full of victoriana furniture and rodeo items, a blacksmith museum and farm and ranch museum. I spent longer here then I thought I would to be honest, it was really cool.

My next little stop was another ghost town. To be honest dad, they are all starting to have a similar feel to them. Boarded up and deserted. 

On from there I had a quick drive through Yukon. On the map purely because it is the home town of Garth Brooks! 

My final stop was the hotel.  It’s been another very long day. I also clocked over 100 driving hours since picking the car up. I have also driven over 4300 miles, give or take a few Jon drove. 

Not wanting to get back in the car I ran over the road for something to eat in a really cool little Mexican restaurant. 

Well yet again I am shattered. 

Night dad x


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